Is Your Last Relationship Killing Your New One?

Your last relationship ended badly, unfortunately, as many relationships do. As much as we would like to believe that a particular relationship will last forever, relationships are finite and fragile. If you find yourself reeling from a bad breakup to find a slew of bad dates to follow, your last relationship could be killing your new one.

Don’t become bitter that you’ve had a bad relationship or two; this pattern of thinking is detrimental to the health of your dating life. If you are still feeling angry over the the fact that your last relationship ended out of your control, or that someone acted against your wishes, this is not an excuse to transport the anger. The past only belongs in one place: behind you.

What are 3, not-so-obvious signs that you could be killing your new relationship?

1. You Lump All Men/Women in The Same Category

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking that all men are the same, or that dating is so hard, or that women only care about money… you are guilty as charged! People are not all the same, and thinking this way is severely limiting. You have no idea who you could meet. Picking a bad apple once doesn’t mean that the whole field is rotting. You need to have the courage to dust yourself off and keep on pickin’ apples.

If you’ve experienced a lot of bad relationships in the past, guess what the common denominator is? It’s you. Maybe you’re choosing apples too close to the ground, or maybe you like the ones that are a little bruised on the outside. Whatever the reason is, take partial responsibility for yourself and the choices that you make. Give yourself some space to figure out what you’re really looking for. If you have a negative mindset towards dating, hold off on jumping back into the game and take some time to yourself. You can’t enter a new, happy relationship with a negative mindset.

2. You Feel Angry When You Think About Your Ex

If you are still caught up in the fact that your ex still has your favourite green sweater, or that they never reimbursed you for their $50 Christmas gift, you need to let it go. The relationship is done. You may think that feeling angry about your ex is completely acceptable and fine, but this is absolutely not the case. Holding on to a bad relationship isn’t healthy; being able to let go and mature from the experience is.

If you enter the dating scene with negative feelings about your last relationship, you aren’t giving yourself a chance to start clean and really see your dates for who they are. If you are still angry over your past relationship, you may dismiss someone’s good intentions with something your ex did.

Remember: Your last relationship ended because it was meant to end. It does not make the world a bad place. It does not make the dating world a treacherous war-zone. Learn to move on. Don’t become the person who can’t let go.

3. You Bring Up Your Ex On Dates

If you are out enjoying dinner with a new date and find yourself mentioning your ex, this is a big red flag. Past relationships are a sore spot. It’s not appropriate to tell a new mate about the rigors of your last relationship. If you are still experiencing pain from your last relationship and think that sharing it with a new date could serve as a bonding experience; this is erroneous. Baggage is the biggest kill-joy that exists in the dating world.

Bonus: You’re On a ‘Break’ With Your Ex.

If you are on any kind of break or trial separation, this is the worst time to try and find a new mate. The chances that your current, somewhat messy relationship killing your new one are very high. Sure, it’s been done in the past – but rushing into a new relationship is ultimately detrimental. Failed relationships give us a small window in which we can really take time for ourselves to reflect and think about personal goals. Trying to fill the void by wining and dining will not work. Have enough self confidence in yourself to be alone for a while, and if that isn’t entirely possible, now may be the best moment to strengthen that skill.

The 7 Deadliest Profile Mistakes

As someone who sees a lot of profiles on a daily basis; this is my gift to you. Do you feel that you aren’t getting the responses that you’d like? Are you attracting the wrong matches to your page? Peruse this list to make sure you aren’t making one of the 7 deadly profile mistakes.

1. Your photos are all selfies

The selfie obsession is a little weird. Sure, try to encapsulate your best features – but there is no need for the 6, almost-identical selfies taken in your bathroom. Not only are too many selfies boring, but they also make you look narcissistic. If you are leaving out shots of your whole body, you aren’t giving potential mates the full picture. If you know you are a little curvier, by all means have flattering pictures, but don’t try and hide what you look like.

DO have a friend take pictures. Show yourself being active. Be dynamic. Rollerblade. Show yourself playing chess. Hobbies will make you a much more interesting match.

2. Your interests are too ambiguoussideah2

You like sleeping? I like sleeping too. You eat? I eat everyday too!

3. You have too many pet picturessideah1

I love cats. You love cats. We all love cats. We also don’t want to see 5 pictures of Garfield. He’s cute, but your profile isn’t an advertisement for the pound.

4. You seem bitter

Does your profile have any of the following?

“Are there ANY good men out there?”
“I’m JUST looking… not ready to make a commitment unless you’re WORTH MY TIME!!!”
“I’m really down to earth, but if you message me asking about my red dress in the third picture I will block you.”

These are all some very deadly profile sins indeed. Keep your profile light and interesting. There is no need to be negative, and listing your pet peeves is immature and unattractive.

5. Your profile is too longsideah3

Your profile should read like a preview, not the entire book. It’s important to leave some stories to tell in person; you don’t need to give everything away. People will form their own opinions when they meet you, and their opinions will never match how you describe yourself.

6. You talk about your ex

If you’re not over your ex, you should probably take a more time to heal. Talking about your ex is one of the biggest buzz kills, not to mention it looks tacky.
DO talk about your ideal relationship. If you just want to test out the waters, feel free to say so. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, state it. No need to beat around the bush!

7. Your profession leaves a lot to be desiredsideah4





If you are putting forth a lot of effort to really connect with someone, please be sure to properly fill out your profile. Setting your profession to “Ask” or “N/A” is just plain worrisome.

Happy Fishing!

Why It’s OK to Date Mr.Right Now.

Mr. Right Now: Easy-Going. Likes to laugh. Knows your favourite kind of ice-cream. Your parents do not know of his existence. Has the ability to turn a mediocre night into a field day. Drinking habits are worrisome. His car is in desperate need of a tune-up.

He may comes in many different forms, but his casual demeanor is a universal quality. He knows how to have a great time, never flakes out on dates and doesn’t pressure you with any talks of a “relationship.”

You’re not exactly sure what kind of work he does, or if you do, you know he isn’t the most ambitious kind of guy. He never fails to make you laugh and doesn’t give you a hard time when you’re busy. He’s charming, easy to be around and completely drama-free. Even if wedding bells aren’t ringing in your head, he knows how to cheer you up when you’ve had a crappy day.

So why is it okay to date Mr.Right Now?

We sometimes find ourselves stumbling into quasi “relationships” that seem to work more out of convenience than anything else. Perhaps you moved to a new city and wanted to meet new people. Maybe you’ve found yourself back on the market after a long-term relationship ended. Whatever your reasoning, dating Mr.Right Now is a great way to improve your dating skills and have a gas. Who cares if you only see him once a week? He may not float your entire boat, but what’s wrong with paddling for a while?

This is not to say that you should spend all your time in mediocre relationships, but do not fret if you have something that kinda-sorta works with someone who is lively and respectful. Whether he’s an Elvis Impersonator, a painter, or a comedian who isn’t very funny, don’t feel scared to date outside of your comfort zone.

Dating Mr.Right Now is a great way to boost your confidence and wake up your inner vixen. Getting out, seeing the city or checking out the newest restaurants are all great ways to enjoy yourself.

Open yourself up to dating different kinds of people and experiencing relationships that don’t necessarily follow the ideal image you had in mind. It will give you life experience that will help shape your future dating decisions.

4 Dating Lessons My Mother Taught Me


My parents met in the early 80’s in the sea-side city of Vancouver, long before the age of online dating and cell phones. They left voicemails (how archaic), went disco-dancing and enjoyed the ease of dating in a less technological era.

So what dating lessons has my old-school, free-spirited Mother taught me?

Lesson #1: “Trust your gut.”

After their first date, my parents proceeded to spend every single day together. Eventually it came to a point that they couldn’t imagine not being together.

After two months and 2 days of dating, my Father turned to my Mother and said “How about getting married?” My Mother thought “Sure, never done that before!” 30 years later and they are still happily married.

This does not mean I am procuring you to immediately marry the person you have a couple of great dates with, but I am advising you to trust your honest feelings about someone. If someone gives you a “so-so” feeling after a long dinner with lots of conversation, chances are that they will never set your world on fire. Coincidentally if you walk away from a date thinking “wow, this person feels like my perfect partner,” then don’t try and adhere to any nonsensical “wait three days before texting” rules.

It’s also very important to remember that with age comes wisdom, experience and fine wrinkles. Wisdom and experience are two excellent tools that sharpen our skills at sensing exactly what kind of person makes a great partner.

Lesson #2: “Have zero expectations.”

My parents met on a blind date that my Mom almost cancelled on. Her reasoning? Her girlfriend who was setting her up was a known party animal. My Mom could only imagine what kind of ‘date’ her girlfriend would bring along. Fortunately for her, my Dad was a great guy and my parents both clicked.

Even if someone sends you perfect messages, has all the same interests as you, owns their own house and is a famous, travelling yoga-guru, it doesn’t matter. They could have something about them that could turn you off when you meet them in person. Consequentially, perhaps the person who doesn’t reply to messages right away is someone who just isn’t that into computers, but after meeting… surprise!

Keeping an open mind will make dating more fun and thwart any feelings of frustration or disappointment.

Lesson #3: “Dating should be fun.”

I remember running home and throwing myself on my bed, sad that a certain someone wasn’t calling or answering their phone. (Looking back I see what a blessing this was.) I remember sharing a certain quote with my Mom:

“I know my heart will never be the same
But I’m telling myself I’ll be okay”
― Sara Evans

She threw me a bewildered look at said “what the hell are you going on about? You’re 18 years old. You’ll get over it”

My Mom professed that she only had one dating rule: dating had to be fun. No obsessing over someone who couldn’t be bothered to show common courtesy. No madly dialing an ex-flame from a blocked number at 2 o’clock in the morning. It doesn’t mean she didn’t experience heartbreak, just that she had the sense to buck up and move on.

Dating shouldn’t be the drudgerous task we commonly hear it described as. It should be enjoyable. It’s not going to be perfect and not every date will be a romeo, but hopefully you’ll be able to eat some decent food and have a few shareable stories!

Don’t force yourself to date new people just to heal a heartbreak, don’t desperately try to connect with people with whom you don’t share common interests, and in respect to all things holy, do not force yourself to drudge through a date that isn’t buzzing in any kind of way.

Lesson #4: “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before meet your Prince.”

Ahh, the clichè of all clichès! I heard this saying so many times throughout my younger years that I’m already saying it to my unborn daughter.

“My first boyfriend had a greasy ponytail and rode a motorcycle. I think you can relax a little bit,” my Mom would tell me. (I was a very emotional 18 year-old.)

My Mom went out and fully enjoyed herself in her 20’s. She surrounded herself with great people, focused on her career and didn’t obsess about finding a mate.

“I was 23 years old! Are you crazy? There’s no way I was even close to setting down!” – My Mom’s response after I asked her why she didn’t marry any of her previous boyfriends.

This rule may not be true for everyone, (I’m looking at you, high-school sweethearts) but for the vast majority, it’s true: people change and grow, resulting in the very popular “phase-dating” among the younger crowd. Sometimes you need to date a frog to really see how wrong someone can be for you. When you have a strong concept of what doesn’t work for you, you will have a stronger sense of what will.

Don’t fret that Mr.Right Now isn’t everything you hoped he’d be, but say yes to every blind-date you’re invited to!

Dating In Your Early 20’s VS Late 20’s

Ahhh, the first years of dating. How exciting! You meet cute “potentials” in bars, spread your number like a common-cold, and frequently revel in the admiration of your many adoring suitors. Four dollar beers at a dive bar? Sure! Watching a crappy comedy show? Count me in! Hosting a beach BBQ? I’ll be there in an hour!

The dating period in your 20’s are marked by an unprecedented sense of enthusiasm. You’ve finally left the awkward teenage years of your life behind, free to spread your young, “I’m-almost-a-professional” wings!

Here are 8 key differences between dating in your early 20’s vs your late 20’s.


Early 20’s: Wow! A BMW? Sa-weeet. What a slick looking car. Wait, it doesn’t really matter that they text continually throughout our date and make frequent bathroom breaks… this free food is delicious!

Late 20’s: You drive a BMW… and you’re being secretive about your “profession”? You’re either doing something illegal or driving daddy’s car. Move to the right, kiddo. I’ll wait for the well-mannered engineer driving a Jetta.

Late-Night Dining:

Early 20’s: Dinner with friends at 8:00pm, then I’m meeting… crap. What was their name again? Oh right, Todd! Drinks at the Tao at 10:00pm with “Todd”… I can always ghost if he’s lame, cause it’s Friday and there are a million things going on.

Late 20’s: 10:30pm on a Wednesday night? Who the hell is this person?! I’m Netflixin’ at that time, not to mention I have an 8:00am meeting at work. Please – get real buddy.


Early 20’s: I almost paid my rent on time this month!

Late 20’s: Maxed out your 401k/RRSP and you’re a homeowner? Now you’re really turning me on.


Early 20’s: Who needs great conversation when martinis are on special?

Late 20’s: I’ve got a 1 drink rule. If you’re still boring by the time I finish my first drink, I’m out.

Personal Appearance:

Early 20’s: Time it takes to get ready: 2 hours 52 minutes. Apply 40 minute cleansing facial mask. Shower and exfoliate. Apply self tanner. Wash, blow dry and straighten hair. Apply scented body lotion with glitter. Attach fake lashes and contouring foundation. Change outfit 4 times. One drink for confidence and I’m ready to call a cab!

Late 20’s: Wash my feet in the sink at work before leaving.

Paying the Bill:

Early 20’s: There is NO way I’m touching that bill. They want to invite me to this fancy place, they better be ready to pony up.

Late 20’s: My date is freakin’ hilarious! The second round is on me.


Early 20’s: I’ve dated an electrician, a lawyer, a college freshman, a gardener, a trust fund baby, a bartender, a comedian, a construction worker, a singer, a security guard and a mechanic… all in the last 3 months.

Late 20’s: I’m allergic to bad conversation and take drastic measures to prevent potential flare ups.

Tolerance for Crap:

Early 20’s: Wow.. they was really rude to our waitress. Oh well, they were probably having a bad day.

Late 20’s: Wait. Did you just call my career “drab” because I work in an office? Get ready for an earful and the shortest date of your life.

Dating in your 20’s is all about exploration and making mistakes. We all have that cringe-worthy ex, or that slew of horrible dates we endured while on our path to “finding” ourselves. Your third decade of life is all about finding someone who can match your zest for life and keep up with your wicked sense of humor.

Why It’s Hard To Get Over A Cheater



: to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at something

: to take something from (someone) by lying or breaking a rule

: to prevent (someone) from having something that he or she deserves or was expecting to get

From Merriam-Webster

A betrayal from a loved one is an incomparable sear of pain that can leave your head spinning for months to come. Cheating not only leads to the demise of a relationship, but it also brings a plethora of questions that can’t be answered.

What is it about cheaters that make them the hardest lover to get over? They weren’t necessarily the most attractive, the wealthiest, or the nicest, (as their character will certainly attest to) and your feelings of anger and frustration simmer much longer than the relationship.

The entire act of intimacy calls for a brave sense of vulnerability, which a cheating lover will proficiently shatter. Cheaters break the rules and hurt the innocent members of the party.

Cheaters smash your vulnerability:

You found the courage to be vulnerable, as the very act of intimacy demands it. You trusted someone enough to open yourself up to them. You’ve laughed with them, cried with them, and experienced every emotion in-between. They know your hair sticks in five different directions in the morning. They know you snore when you sleep. They know your challenges, your fears, your strengths and your little quirks. So what did this person do, who knew supposedly loved you for who you were? They betrayed you.

Not only does a cheater cause you to judge your own actions, they instill you with self-doubt that leaves you feeling as if you have made a mistake.

Forget the notion that you made any mistake on your part. A betrayal is a betrayal, which comes as something that is out of your control. You cannot fix the morale of another person, nor can you change the past of what has happened to you.

Cheaters break the rules:

Cheaters all have one thing in common: they are inherently selfish. Don’t become mixed up with taking on the guilt that belongs on the psyche of an unfaithful ex. It’s not about who they did it with, why they did it, or even when they did it.

Rather than facing the challenges they face in their current relationships, cheaters take the cowardly route of sneaking off. Don’t let your past relationship become a broken cassette playing in your mind. Did you do something wrong? (No.) Did he find someone more attractive? (It’s not about attraction.) Were they afraid of commitment? (It doesn’t matter.) The cheater is the one who made the mistake. Cheaters cannot be faithful to themselves, much less their own word. Don’t bring yourself down by crouching to their level. You can only heal yourself.

Cheaters break your confidence to trust:

Trust is such an intricate part of life that it’s easy to forget just how important it is. You trust your bank to store your money. You trust the sun to rise, your car to work, and your paychecks to come in on time. You cannot cause someone to cheat, just as you cannot force someone to be a good person. You cannot force an “a-ha!” moment upon a wandering spouse. You cannot make them see that you were really a “catch,” that they should have known better, that it was an inane mistake. As the popular saying goes “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

Stop making excuses for someone who still needs to grow up:

You can’t suddenly stop loving someone with the snap of your fingers. A weak person isn’t someone who continues to love someone who hurt them, a weak person is someone who cannot stay true to their word. Unfortunately, you were shown the bright side of a worthless coin.

Cheaters are the real broken ones here.

5 Things Every Girl Needs To Do After Getting Dumped

So, the unthinkable happened. You got dumped. Whether or not your ex was your best friend, a source of entertainment, or even just someone you kept around for kicks… the truth remains: Getting dumped sucks.

Before I divulge my 5 top tips on mending a broken heart, there’s one thing we cannot rid ourselves of: Breakups hurt. Even if it was a long, drawn-out end to a lengthy battle, or a completely unexpected end to a fulfilling relationship, nothing can prevent the pain.

Do not fret! As painful as a breakup can be, there is a silver lining in the cloud. Ending a long term relationship is the best time to re-discover how fabulous you really are.

1. Change Your Ringtone 

Your old, familiar ringtone will have you feeling sullen with every ring you hear. Switch it to something new and erase all the memories from your past love. Getting over a breakup is a lot easier without having to constantly race to your phone, thinking you-know-who is calling again.

2. Take A Break From Social Media

Resist the temptation to air your grievances via social media. Though it may feel good at the time, it’s better to keep your personal space devoted to the positive aspects of your life. Now is the time to unplug from the lives of everyone else and really focus on yourself. Plus, seeing all the photos of happy, lovey-dovey couples will only rub salt in the wound! It’s time to heal up and move on.

3. Grant Yourself One Miserable Weekend

  • Write letters to your ex that you’ll never send
  • Cry
  • Delete all their Facebook messages
  • Untag yourself from their pictures
  • Indulge yourself with your favourite bottle of wine/ice cream/take out
  • Call some friends with whom you can really pour your heart out
  • Go out on a Friday night and end up at a Karaoke bar with your closest friends & breakup songs queued up

The main purpose of the miserable weekend is to let every iota of sadness out.There is no use in pretending that the hurt doesn’t exist. Let yourself be sad! Remember the good times, cringe at the bad, but remember that you’re better off without them. It’s time to move on.

4. Hit the gym

If you’ve gained some weight from being a happy, couch-potato love bird, now is the perfect time to get back into shape. What better way to cure your lovesick blues than with the help of some endorphins? A toned and well-loved body always recovers faster from a breakup, and burning those calories to your favourite goodbye songs is a great way to sweat! Plus, who knows who you could meet?

5. Start something new

If there was ever a point in your life that you felt you didn’t have enough time to pursue something you really wanted, think again! The best way to deal with getting dumped is by becoming a stronger and improved you. Always wanted to check out a public speaking class? Sign up! Still interested in sky-diving (which your ex was abhorrently against)? Better get ready to strap up and jump out of that plane!

By signing up for something that you’ve always longed to do, you’re making a promise to yourself to become a better person. By becoming a better version of yourself, you’ll eventually be able to look back on your broken relationship and feel at peace. You may even thank your ex for giving you the push you needed to become the stronger person you will eventually become. But for now? Don’t kid yourself. It hurts.


3 Lessons George Clooney’s Fiancée Taught Us

Ahh, George Clooney. Often flaunted as the world’s most eligible bachelor, this 52 year-old Kentucky born swooner has a long history of dating beautiful women, with most of his relationships fizzing out after two to five years.

Soap opera actresses, yoga teachers, cocktail waitresses, reality stars, models, and even a professional wrestler have all landed on the list of Clooney’s past flames.

Just this year, Clooney was quoted as saying “I keep saying I’ll never get married again or have children but people just don’t want to believe me.” He even stated that he“ won’t marry again,” a stance he has held since 1995!

This was all fine and dandy until George met the beautiful power-house named Amal Alamuddin. International human-rights lawyer? Check. Tri-lingual, Oxford educated babe? Check. Adviser to a special envoy in Syria? Check. It’s almost possible that Amal is out of George Clooney’s league.
Here are three lessons we learned from observing how Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor quickly changed his ways and put a ring on it.

Lesson #1: Independence is the ultimate turn-on.

Amal Alamuddin has impressive credentials, and there is one thing about her that is very clear to see: she is in charge of her own life and makes decisions for herself. She came from a well-educated family who pushed Amal to be the best woman that she could be. The result? A career and a lifestyle that barely leaves enough time to date around. She doesn’t care to be wined and dined at the latest Hollywood restaurant. She knows that her time is valuable and puts it to good use. She sings a different tune from a lot of Clooney’s former lovers.

“Amal hasn’t asked George for one thing,” the source said. “Amal has her own life, career and friends. In the past, the ladies he has dated have requested George’s help in getting acting roles, securing hosting gigs, getting new agents. In fact, Amal has made it clear she intends to not give up her law career.”

“She was engaging in the conversation after the introduction was made, and then did the unthinkable,” a source tells Radar Online. “Amal walked away from the group George was with! He was instantly more intrigued by her. George then inserted himself into another group Amal was talking with. She just wasn’t impressed by the Hollywood actor persona.”
-Radar Online
This woman isn’t following the latest advice from a dating book. She clearly knows what she wants and makes zero room for fluff.

What this means for you: There’s a belief in the dating world that you must “become the right person to find the right person.” If you feel that you are meandering through life, hoping that a special someone will suddenly appear and make your life better…You’re going about it the right way. You should live your life the fullest, and find a career/lifestyle/hobby that makes you feel fulfilled. When your life is on the fast-track to being awesome and you’re starting to think someone else may enjoy the ride too, that’s the best time to create your profile!

Lesson #2: Hard work pays off.

Poor George was often lambasted as a perpetual heart-breaker, leaving a trail of once-hopeful women behind. What was it about these women that seemed to give them an expiry date? It wasn’t beauty, as all of Clooney’s ex’s are evidently alluring and gorgeous. It couldn’t be because George made for a bad partner, as it’s clear his significant others have always been pampered and well-looked after. So what did George see in Amal that he didn’t see in any of his past girlfriends?

Amal has worked a lot harder than American born Clooney. She was born in war-torn Lebanon, she is fluent in three different languages, and she received her education from Oxford University.What do all three of her facts have in common? Hard work! Amal doesn’t seem the type to be waiting for her next big break, or hoping to become engaged in the near future… this woman has enough on her plate! And guess what? Hard work looks sexy.

What this means for you: No, you do not need to be an international human rights lawyer to have a successful relationship, but having a goal or vision that you have worked hard towards not only empowers you as a person, but will help you find common ground with a partner. Even building your own website, traveling to foreign countries on your own, or taking a course in something that interests you are all great ventures to delve into.

Lesson #3: Intelligence is hotter than makeup

At 52-years old, George has had his fair share of bedding beautiful women. What made him decide to give up his playboy ways? He found what he was missing in Amal. As George matures and grows as a human, perhaps these young waitresses weren’t stimulating him intellectually. For Amal to achieve all that she has at only 36 years old, this woman has grit and a big ole’ brain. Amal is a beautiful and classy woman, but her whole life doesn’t depend on how she appears from the outside. She knows there are bigger issues at hand.

What this means for you: Looking great is only half of the equation. Make sure your “smarts” and your “looks” are balanced!

Now use this advice to become the best you that you can become. So busy that you don’t even have time for George Clooney himself.

10 Date Ideas Inspired By Childhood

Let’s admit it: We’ve all done the dinner and drinks date, quite possibly to the point of exhaustion.  Although dining and wining can be a great way to get to know someone, what ever happened to really getting out and having some good old fashioned fun? These 10 date ideas are sure to put a smile on your face – without putting a strain on your wallet. Better yet, these dates are a great way to share some laughs and reminisce about your childhood.


Dodgeball is a more adventurous option. Dating a daredevil? Someone a little… competitive, perhaps? Nothing drops the defenses like a whirling ball to the face. In all seriousness though, dodgeball is a great way to pick up that old competitive spirit that you may have left behind.

Hot Tip: Unless your planning to hit your favorite dive bar after, bring a change of clothes.


If you were a terrible bowler as a child, don’t worry. The elongation of your limbs that’s happened since will probably help. If all else fails, stick to the 5 pin bowling alleys. Don’t worry too much about your outfit – bowling shoes won’t match anything.

Hot Tip: Bring some extra coins in case the venue has any arcade games to play on the side. Duck Hunter is serious fun on a date.

481896513Art Class

Remember all the cool art projects you brought home as a kid? Even if you weren’t the next Picasso, you sure felt like one! What could be more romantic than exploring your creative side with a date? (Anyone else thinking of the pottery scene in Ghost will see where I’m going.) This is a great option if you are looking to have a classier and more upscale night.

Hot Tip: Search to see if any of your local studios offer a wine + paint nights.

laser tagLaser Tag

If you have any adventurous friends, laser tag makes for a great, more casual double date.  Just avoid pointing your laser into anyone’s eye.

Hot Tip: Plan a stop to your favorite pizza place after! Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.


Clean out the change from under the couch and hit up your nearest arcade.  If your local arcade doesn’t serve liquor, pick a nearby bar where you and your date can stop in for a beer.

Hot Tip:  Arcades are a great activity for breaking the ice, but don’t plan on staying more than an hour.


This winter activity is only the greatest thing you’ll ever do when it’s snowing outside. You’re never too old to go tobogganing!  Tobogganing is great because it isn’t too physically exerting – and it’s sure to bring on a ton of laughs. Plus, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up close with a cup of hot cocoa after?

Hot Tip: Adult Hot Cocoa, anyone?

103584898Tandem Biking

*Not suitable for trails/treacherous terrain*

If you live in a city with great patio weather, this ride is a must-do on a sunny day. A Sunday ride along the beach with a stop for brunch? Sold.

Hot Tip: Pack your own picnic basket and pit-stop at your local park.

scavenger-huntScavenger Hunt

Finding a scavenger hunt within your city might take a little more researching on your part, but this date is sure way to explore your own city. Better yet? Your teamwork could be rewarded with a prize!

Hot Tip: If you have trouble finding a scavenger hunt in your own city, try inventing your own!

476469709Metal Detecting

There is no guarantee that you will find any long lost treasures, but metal detecting is a really neat way to explore some places you might not normally go. We love the idea of using it on the beach – but you could also take it to some more remote places and see what could be hiding underneath the sand!

Hot Tip: This is a very dog-friendly date idea.

453935449Water Park

Hot Tip: This can be combined with tandem biking. Look how fancy we’re getting!

Hopefully these 10 ideas have inspired you to date a little differently. Make sure to share your most embarrassing stories as a kid — it makes for a special kind of bond.

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