All Work and No Play? How to Prioritize Your Date Schedule

Life can get really busy, and most of the time we like to think our dream partner will manifest their way into our existence, whilst fitting seamlessly into our weekly schedule.

By throwing a smile at a stranger or creating a online dating profile, you think you’ve done all you can to find the right one. But it’s all about your consistency in taking real action to prioritize your dating life. 

Needless to say you may have become incredibly impatient and frustrated when your love life doesn’t seem to progress the way in you had hoped it would.

But let’s get serious; whatever you value, you prioritize and make time for. This is why you need to set active time aside in our weekly schedule to date. 

It’s not necessarily about allocating a specific time slot each week, but rather making room for the possibility of love in general.

So here are a couple of reasons why you need to start putting date night in the calendar and how to go about it:

1: See the bigger picture rather than just the present circumstances

You think finding love or dating someone is about the right timing. Sure, there are more ideal situations or circumstances to meet someone, but you need to stop limiting the opportunities based of what is or isn’t convenient for you. See beyond some of the challenges and obstacles that are taking up your time right now, and understand that in order for you to reach a future goal, you have to start with what you can do now in the present.

2: What you allow is what will continue

It’s so easy to blame time (or the lack thereof) when it comes to life in general. Yet you are the one in control of every decision you make. We must make time for all the things we like to do outside of work. Take responsibility for the part you play in your own life to attracting and receiving love.

3: Re-organize your routine and make space for love

Like anything, it comes down to how bad you want it. Do you want to find love enough that you actively start scheduling date nights in your calendar? By just thinking about dating, won’t get you very far. Progress in any area of your life takes action. It’s time to re-organize your priorities and become more efficient in balancing your work and social schedule. You can’t keep pushing it back and hope it automatically takes care of itself. 

It’s easy to play safe or become all too comfortable in our daily routine. Saying yes to a drink with a friend or partaking in a night on the couch, instead of meeting someone new, may seem more appealing, but it isn’t going to get you the long term result you’re looking for. 

Finding love means stepping out of your comfort zone, even if it means saying no to other people and things.

4:  Set a few goals

If you need to put a few goals on your to-do list to achieve some romance, then don’t think twice about doing that. Whether it’s joining a new social group, heading to a singles event or aiming to go on at least two dates a month, try and visual what’s needed to achieve your ultimate desired outcome. When you set goals to keep you accountable it gives you a sense of progress and direction.

According to Data: Small Talk is a BIG Thing

“The weather is great today….Do you like…the weather?”

Small talk has had a bad rep for as long as I can remember. It’s often considered irrelevant, surface level conversation, used to pass the time and/or fill the air of an awkward silence. Examples of small talk include; ‘how’s it going?’, ‘where do you work?’ ‘nice day isn’t it?’ – questions that are often met with a one word answer.

The beauty of engaging in small talk, which we often miss, is the possibility of it leading to a meaningful conversation or new connection, you would have otherwise missed.

From Boyfriend to Fiancé – Is it Okay to Propose to Him?

Women don’t propose – so says our society. But guess what – you can disregard that and pop the question to him, if the timing is right and all the signs point to YES. What you may need is guidance on how to actually do it, and I’ve got some answers for you!


But what if he is planning to propose to me?

Maybe he is working up the courage to ask you and has plans to do so but if you beat him to the punch, don’t worry it won’t mess everything up! The best thing to do is a solid gut-check. Take a quiet evening or a weekend away to collect your thoughts and gain freedom from distractions to think this through. If you’re feeling unsure or that you’re rushing it, respect these feelings and pull back. If the timing is perfect and you feel 100% ready, go for it!

You don’t want to regret a missed opportunity!


What if I lose him because I decided to propose, and he takes offense? No man who truly loves his girlfriend would refuse a proposal based solely on the fact that you decided to propose first. And if this is the case, you may want to seriously re-evaluate your relationship.


You’re scared at the idea of asking him. The thing is, he is just as scared too! This may be the reason why he hasn’t ask you yet, because he is just as fearful of rejection as you are.

Disarm the sting of rejection by throwing away your expectations of his response. You have no control over whether he says yes or no. By having expectations of one particular answer, you work yourself up over his decision, which you have no control over.

Jim Camp, a negotiation expert, says you need to start with an invitation to say no. While his work is geared towards business, the main points ring true universally. That is, be neutral in your expectations, and most importantly, it’s okay to let him know he can respond with a no.

It is however important to express you’re looking for marriage at this stage in your relationship.


Ah yes, now that you’ve decided to propose, you have the follow up questions. Where do I propose? Should I use a ring? What exactly do I say?

Regarding location details, model your proposal how you’d want to be proposed to. Do you two have a special place? Your first date location? The place you shared the ‘L’ word for the first time?

But what about the ring! The goal is to figure out his ring size without him knowing, which can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Check out this short guide that highlights several creative ways to measure his finger without him ever knowing why. Yes, it’s geared more toward men getting a woman’s ring size, truth is, it’ll be even easier for a woman to pull off.

And what do I say!? When it comes to the actual words, you need to make them 100% your own. It doesn’t always matter what you say exactly, it’s how you say it. Having an honest, heart felt conversation is the overall goal.

Now what are you waiting for. You’ve got this!

Dating Do’s And Don’ts for Single Parents

The majority of people dream of true love, happy marriage, and commitment to one person. However, sometimes things don’t end up the way we’d hoped. And while such situations are hard in their own right, things can be even trickier if there are children involved.

But life goes on and there are hundreds of happy days waiting for all of us. And it means that our job is to move on and take brave steps towards a new life, happier life. Of course, for the majority of single parents, it means going out again, dating someone new, and building an entirely new relationship. Armed with experience, single parents tend to be more careful when choosing partners, hence there are ground to assume that they also have more chances to build happy and lasting relationships with someone special.

However, it goes without saying, that dating is different when there are kids involved. There is a need to arrange plans with kids in mind. Turns out, it is not as hard as it may seem at first glance. The first step (read: the first date after divorce) is the hardest, but things tend to get increasingly simpler over time.

But if you’re at this first step of starting your life anew after divorce, these do’s and don’ts guide will help you get started. Ready?

DO establish your priorities 

Even if finding a special someone is your first priority at the moment, you should remember that you’re a parent and keep it top of mind no matter what. You have a little human being dependent on you, which means it’s okay if sometimes your date will have to adopt his or her plans if you need it. 

DO make introductions after serious thought

Of course, your kids should know who are you sharing your life with. However, there are factors to consider. First of all, you should only introduce them to each other if you are sure things are getting serious. Second of all, keep in mind that age matters. According to studies, children under age 10 might feel anxious and angry in such a situation.

DO be honest and upfront

When you start seeing someone new, it’s one of the biggest stress events for your kids. Even if you haven’t told your kids anything yet, remember they have great intuition. Don’t make them guess, talk to them, check in with their feelings and make sure they understand the situation. Remember that your new partner deserves honesty as well. Tell your special someone that you have kids to make sure this person is even open to this.  

DON’T keep it in secret

It’s true that kids who have been through a divorce can be extra sensitive and emotional. However, it might be important for them to understand that you’re dating again and attempting to move on to live a happy life. Children tend to mimic the behavior of adults, which means it’s a good idea for you to try living an active and happy life again.

DON’T rush it 

Take things slow. When the pain of divorce is still there, your kids might suffer from anger and anxiety, and your role is to help them through it instead of giving them another reason to feel even more stressed out.

DON’T talk about kids all the time

Of course, you are a parent and your kids are the most important part of your life, but it doesn’t mean you should keep from talking about other topics. Discuss books, share your outlook on life, make jokes, be the best version of yourself. Not only will you get a chance to turn your focus from kids to something else for a couple of hours, you will have fun chatting about something other than your daily routine.

Starting over again may seem overwhelming, but at the end of the day it’s worth taking the chance at finding that special someone. If you feel like it’s time to put yourself out there, go ahead and dip your toes into the dating pool.

Love Lessons From Master of None Season 2

[Spoiler warning: This post is literally a giant spoiler.]

The highly-anticipated second season of Aziz Ansari’s hit series Master of None has officially graced Netflix (by now hopefully you have binge-watched), and it’s everything you hoped it would be. Full of tender, highly relatable moments, while exploring some of life’s more complex issues head-on, with no shortage of laughs along the way.

Humor aside, we couldn’t help but notice some of the subtle (and not so subtle) love lessons that have been woven into this season, so we’ve got a cheat sheet for you! See below for the best Love Lessons from Master of None Season 2!

Episode 1 “The Thief”

Lesson: Be Open Minded

Image result for Master of None The Thief

Season 2 opens with Dev in Italy, making new friends and working on his culinary skills (and eating lots of delicious looking pasta). After making himself a reservation at a highly coveted local restaurant for his birthday, he encounters a lovely British woman whose reservation was accidentally botched.

Instead of shrugging it off and going on his merry way, he actually reaches out to the stranger and offers up a seat at his solo table. The two end up sharing a meal and thoroughly enjoying eachother’s company, serving as a great reminder to open ourselves up to new experiences and people (and food) whenever possible, because a great connection can come from the most unexpected circumstances!

Episode 2 “Le Nozzle”

Lesson: Think Before You Speak

Image result for Master of None Le NOzzle

In a particularly cringe worthy scene in Episode 2, Dev and Arnold attend the wedding of Arnold’s ex partner of 11-years, and things go downhill fast. After meeting and disapproving of the groom (he’s a “small version” of Arnold),  Arnold comes a bit unhinged and starts to let everyone know how slighted he feels, in earshot of everyone at the wedding.

Everything gets smoothed over in the end when he realizes they are completely different people and were never meant to end up together, but some damage has already been done to their special day. And with that, a lesson: Think Before You Speak. Or another, Lay Off The Prosecco At Weddings, or even, Probably Don’t Attend Your Exes Wedding?

Episode 4 “First Date”

Lesson: Enjoy The Process

Image result for Master of None First Date gif

This entire episode provides an eerily accurate glimpse into the world of modern dating, showing Dev meeting women through an app and embarking on multiple dates with multiple women, often in the same restaurant, bar, and rooftop patio. The process is incredibly unromantic for everyone involved, and each moment is filled with formulaic interview-like questions and conversation. I was exhausted just watching.

The lesson here is that dating should be fun, albeit a bit ridiculous feeling at times. Somehow, when we reach the age when everyone seems to be settling down around us, leaving us behind, dating becomes nothing more than a miserable means to an end, a numbers game.

Episode 7 “Door #3”

Lesson: Be True To Yourself

Image result for Master of None Door #3 gif

In Episode 7, Dev declines a lucrative multi season extension on his hosting gig for Clash of the Cupcakes, a job that doesn’t excite him, but pays the bills. After he breaks the news, he takes the opportunity to pitch another show idea that incorporates two things he’s passionate about, food and travel. The idea is a hit!

Obviously, this is a gamble that happened to pay off big time for Dev, but the underlying message is true in love, and in life’s bigger picture! If you’re stuck in a place you’re not happy with, in your job or in a relationship, often times the only way to create real change is to shake things up and take matters into your own hands!

Episode: 9 “Amarsi Un Po”

Lesson: Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Image result for Master of None Amarsi un po gif

What starts off as a friendship between Francesca and Dev in Italy transforms into something more when she comes to NYC to visit. Sparks fly, and Francesca, stuck in the trappings of an unfulfilling engagement with her long-term man, embarks on an emotional affair of sorts with Dev, exploring the city, attending fancy parties with John Legend on the piano, and dancing in the twist.

Needless to say, there are some causes for concern here. Francesca is still in a relationship, she’s using Dev as an escape, and everyone seems kind of fine with it? Until Francesca eventually leaves Pino and ends up in Dev’s bed. Will these two force themselves into making this relationship happen? Either way, it doesn’t seem like a great foot to get started on .

What are your most memorable love lessons from Season 2? Let us know below!

Life Changing Dating Tips For Every College Student

Dating in college can be one of the most exciting, refreshing, most dramatic experiences, anyone ever goes through. Full of ups and downs, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had one relationship or ten, each one is different from the next.

Are you sick and tired of the way things are going in your love life? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To help you out, allowing you to become comfortable in your dating scene, here are 8 essential tips when it comes to relationships in college that will change the dating game forever.

Maintain Balance

Entering a new relationship for the first time can be such an exciting prospect and it’s easy to want to give it your all. Unfortunately, by doing this, especially in your college years, nine times out of ten, it will all end in tears.

Instead of spending every waking moment with your loved one, physically or through constant, mile long Whatsapp feeds, spend time doing other things you enjoy. Whether it’s spending time alone, with family or with friends, find balance in your life.

Don’t Waste Your Time

If you’re not happy in a relationship, do something about it. As blunt as that sounds, it’s too easy to get caught up in a bad relationship and letting it drag on and on. If there’s something on your mind, talk to him about it. If he doesn’t try and make things better, move on. There are plenty of other guys out there who will treat you like you deserve but you won’t find them by being with someone who makes you feel terrible.

Don’t Be Held Back

If you’re in college, you’re probably studying a subject that you are passionate about. Remember why you’re there and what plans you have for the future. Just because you meet someone amazing and want to spend all your time with them, doesn’t mean you should jeopardise your college career. Chances are your bills are at a minimum, especially when compared to what it will be like in later life! If you want to go and study abroad or want to achieve great grades on your course, don’t let anybody hold you back!

Educational expert, Kelly Gomez, from College Essay Writing Service, advises;

College is the first time in many peoples live where they actually feel like they get a chance to be free and explore the different opportunities that there are in life. Take advantages of these opportunities while you have them as they won’t be around forever! If you feel a real passion for doing or trying something new, go for it and don’t let anyone judge you or hold you back.

Learn To Love Yourself

As the saying goes, you can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself. College is a time for finding yourself. Your future lays ahead of you and there are so many opportunities coming up, who knows what you’re going to do? The world is your oyster! If you’re in a relationship or thinking it’s about time you want to find that special someone, take a breather to be sure that it’s what you feel comfortable doing. Find your inner confidence and really get to know yourself!

Organize Your Time

The only way a relationship can move forward is by investing time into it. Unfortunately, during your college years, free time is something that is in short supply. With mounting essays and assignments to complete, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with your workloads, leaving you feeling stressed when he’s out having a good time on a Friday night and you’re stuck indoors.

Fortunately, there is a vast network of writing services online that can help you lighten the load, giving you enough time to invest in your relationship to make it work. Sites such as Paper Fellows, UK Coursework Service, Cite It In, Assignment Writing Help and Easy Word Count, can all be used to ensure your work is completed to a professional level and in good time, allowing you to find balance with your work, social and love life.

Long Distance Can Be Difficult

Long distance relationships are never easy as it is, even more so in college. Feelings of paranoia, depression and anxiety all come hand in hand with long distance relationships and can be some of the hardest times you’ll ever go through. Before getting into a long distance relationship with someone, be sure that it’s a commitment you want to go through with, it won’t be easy.

Those Dreaded Drunken Phone Calls

If you’re on and off with someone, seeing them every now and then and just taking it slow and seeing how things go, that’s a great way to enter a relationship in college. The worst thing you can do is get drunk and develop the mindset where that person is at the forefront of your mind. Yes, of course, it’s okay to think about him but nothing screams ‘psycho’ more than waking up to 36 missed calls and endless texts that make no sense.

Never Change

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be that special someone for someone else. Even if you think the world of him, he might not be on the same level as you and it’s easy to want to want to be that person. If you try to change yourself by acting differently or talking differently, especially doing things you don’t want to do, it’s only going to make you feel depressed. Be yourself and find someone who loves you for who you are.

Mary Walton writes mostly for college students. She is a professional editor at Academized. Also, she proofreads resumes at Resumention, a service that helps people find new jobs and write flawless CVs. Mary has an educational blog – Simple Grad, read her latest article Essay roo Review there. 

Keep it Urgent To Maintain Momentum

Ever see that movie where the woman chases the man, convinces him to love her even though at first, he wasn’t even attracted, and ultimately wins his teary-eyed yes to her marriage proposal?

Me neither. And that’s not just because of gender-typed scripting; it’s due to global, well-documented differences in mating psychology.

One of those differences? Men have the right and the burden of pursuit. Literally, when guys are considering a permanent mate, they’re turned on by a woman who is hard to get for him—assuming she’ll be hard to get for all the other guys too. It’s about paternity assurance; it’s about status; it’s about making a permanent life choice. A true human mating universal.

Let’s say you’ve had a terrific first date. When should the guy follow up?

The ideal answer is, right away. The real answer is, when he wants to–without your prompting.

Now I don’t like this. I wish we could all do whatever we want, whenever we want, and wind up with the love of our lives. But I’m all about the science, and scientifically speaking, that’s not the way to bet. We are animals, and like other animals, we have a mating ritual. We have inherited psychological mechanisms that help us choose a partner, and the wise heterosexual woman learns those mechanisms and sends signals that create urgency.

Here’s what that looks like: He leads. You follow at a pace considerably lagging behind his.

And here’s what that looks like:

He texts. You wait a day to respond.

He calls. You wait a day to call back.

He asks you out. You say yes only if he’s given you a couple days’ lead time, and only if the time and place are workable for you; you do not accept behavior that effectively says you have no life, no standards, and no self-respect.

He calls you after the date. You answer with warmth in your voice and say you had a great time. He is the one to suggest another date, though, and you’re the one who gets off the phone first.

But let’s say you really liked him—and he doesn’t call for a week, or ever again. Don’t reach out to him. Research shows that when men like you, they will reach out; when they don’t, they’re really just not that into you, or they are into you only for the short-term and only if you make it super easy for them.

Sound manipulative? It’s no more manipulative than what research indicates women are doing right now: giving men everything—time, intimacy, home cooking, wife-level commitment before he’s even said the word ‘girlfriend’—thinking that this will make him love you.

And in my opinion, this is much less manipulative. It gives you the space you need in order to carefully and appropriately vet a long-term partner, and it gives him the freedom he needs so he knows whether he is working to have you—so he’s not with you out of guilt.

Yes, guilt. I’ve had a practice for over a decade where I help men and women apply social science to their love lives, and a top theme is men who can’t figure out whether they want to be in the relationship they’re in, because the woman drove the relationship from start to finish.

These men have sometimes taken years of time from the woman they know they’re never going to marry—years they would have spent elsewhere if they’d had the space to connect with their own desires.

So it’s true: men value what and whom they work to have. And most are good people, wanting to make you happy—which ironically makes them easy prey for guilt and thus for wasting your time.

Want a sense of urgency, so you can be fully and completely chosen? Step back. Let him chase you.

It’s better for your self-esteem. It’s better for your emotions. It’s the opposite of manipulative. And it’s better for the guy—who gets the joy of winning your heart and hearing you say Yes to one very important question.

Playing Games Won’t Get You Anywhere

It’s a natural instinct to try and protect ourselves from being hurt. Let’s face it, finding love puts us in a vulnerable position. When we put our heart on the line there is always a chance that it could get broken or rejected. It’s this fear that then causes us to start to heighten our defenses and play games to try and stay in control.

However, when there are games involved, it means there will always be a loser. It doesn’t matter whether you are female or male, playing games is never going to bring you long- term happiness. In fact, it’s going to block the right person from feeling like they are welcome in your life.

So here are a few tips on why it’s time to just stick to chess and give love a real chance:

1: Shutting people off will leave you lonely

When we start to toy with people’s emotions, it will automatically make them shut off. They will start to withdraw for fear of being hurt or rejected and in the end, you won’t be left with anyone. Love takes vulnerability and that means risking a certain part of your mind and heart in order to let someone in. Game playing will only discourage the right people from wanting to get close to you.

2: Playing games ruins trust

Here’s the thing, you need to be consistent and transparent when you start dating someone, as this is what builds trust. If you are acting like a yoyo with your emotions or sending mixed signals then your dates won’t know where they stand with you. How can you expect someone to open up and have confidence in you if you are constantly breadcrumbing?

3: Being a player attracts the wrong type of people

It will only be a matter of time before the player gets played. If you put out a certain behaviour, then you will attract a similar one back. If you want to have a healthy, strong and loving relationship then you need to decide how you want to be perceived and how you are going to act.

4: Playing games is counterproductive and a time waster

If you are on a mission to break as many hearts as you can, just so you don’t get yours broken, then you need to stop and think long and hard. By fooling around and being dishonest to yourself and the people you hurt, you are not only wasting their time, but you are wasting yours as well. Eventually all of this will catch up to you and you will be left wondering if it was all worth it in the end. So save yourself the time and heartache and allow yourself to let people in. Love isn’t always easy but it’s definitely worth it.

Love Lessons Learned From Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer-songwriter and my soon-to-be husband, if he’ll have me, is best known for his Billboard topping singles Sorry, What Do You Mean and Love Yourself.

The 23 year old poet continues to master the composition of producing a catchy tune, and in so doing, provides us with lessons about love…yes that’s right, LOVE.

Prepare to be made a Belieber today, as I take you through the top Love Lessons Learned from Justin Bieber:

Let’s go back to the very beginning of The Bieb’s repertoire.

Eenie Meenie 

She’s indecisive She can’t decide She keeps lookin’ From left to right. Girl, c’mon get closer. Look in my eyes, Searching is so wrong, I’m Mr. Right. You can’t make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind. Please don’t waste my time, time, time, time, time

Lesson Learned – When looking for the right match, know what it is you want, so you don’t waste your time or someone else’s by being indecisive. If you’re not ready for a relationship, that’s okay, but be clear in your intent early on to avoid any miscommunication.  

Justin feels strongly about this point and reiterates it in his more recent hit – What do you Mean – a story of a man struggling to understand whether his partner wants to go left or right in their relationship.

Be decisive – Thanks for the tip JB!

Don’t Kiss and Tell

And what we do keep it just between us, I don’t wanna see you tweet about J.B. cause, The only people that should know is you and me.

Lesson Learned – You’re dating someone new and want to tell the whole world you’re no longer single. Justin advises it’s best to take it one step at a time, and keep your relationship status off social media until you know you’re in it for the long haul. Try maintaining some sense of privacy in your love life and whatever you do, don’t air your dirty laundry on Facebook. Yikes.

That Should Be Me

That should be me That should be me Giving you flowers. That should be me Talking for hours. That should be me (that should be me) That should be me That should be me Never should’ve let you go I never should’ve let you go.

Lesson Learned – Ugh…that moment you see your ex in the distance with a new boyfriend/girlfriend and as go to hide in a bush, all you can think about is how that ‘should be you holding his hand.’ Bieber understands your pain. Breakups are hard and sometimes we don’t know how great our partner is until we’ve decided to let them go. Think twice before making a decision you may regret down the road. 



If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go I can take you places you ain’t never been before Baby, take a chance or you’ll never ever know…Swag swag swag….Chillin’ by the fire while we eatin’ fondue I don’t know about me but I know about you So say hello to falsetto in three, two, swag

Lesson Learned – A good boyfriend/girlfriend should want to spend quality time with you and ‘chill by the fire while eatin fondue,’ Justin emphasizes in between the word swag. If you’re date isn’t willing to give you the time of day, it’s safe to say they aren’t worth pursing. 



Sometimes the heart can see what’s invisible to the eye All you gotta do is listen to your deepest feelings They don’t ever lie… ….If you want the best for us Like I want the best for us Then we gotta learn to trust right now

Lesson Learned – Trust is a must says JB! Every healthy relationship, including the one with yourself requires it. In order to successfully put yourself out there, you must be able to ‘listen your deepest feelings’ and trust your instincts. 

The next time you find yourself caught up in a dating blunder and at a loss for answers, think….what would Justin Bieber do…

Tackling Your Fear Of The Inevitable Break Up

Most of us know what it feels like to be rejected or broken up with, so it’s no wonder that we can be hesitant about inflicting that same emotion on someone else. However, staying in a relationship either out of guilt or fear is no way to live. Like anything in life, the best decisions we can make come from emotional intelligence and rational . When we allow anxiety to control our actions and relationships we invite an endless cycle of negativity into our life.

Love is a journey and finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is a process. We often think we should stay with someone just because we have already spent so much time with them. We use our emotional investment and history with them as justification for putting up with being unhappy. We get comfortable.

But here’s the thing, you shouldn’t have to settle for someone just to keep them happy or to have an average relationship. So here are a few tips to getting you confident and brave enough to break it off:

Look at the bigger picture

Most of our anxiety starts when we overthink all the details instead of just seeing the bigger picture. When should I break up with them? What will they say? How will they react? How should I say it? and so on. Yes, people will get hurt along the way and it’s not going to be an easy process, but everyone has the ability to move on. You can’t get stuck in the moment and make up a list of empty excuses as to why you shouldn’t let go. Whether you are feeling guilty for hurting that person or are scared about what the future holds, you have to try and put everything into perspective and see beyond the initial break up.

Know your worth

If you are in a toxic relationship and feel utterly exhausted from the daily fight with your partner, then it’s even more of a reason why you need to call it quits. Don’t forget about what you want as well, and if you are not fulfilled or happy and your relationship is tumultuous, then it’s time to break free. Focus on building up your self-love and confidence so you can have the strength to say goodbye.

Take it a day at a time, but have a plan

The best way to tackle a fear is to have a plan of action. This means creating a practical solution for a problem. If you are struggling or fearful about ending your relationship then chances are you won’t just randomly wake up one day and do it. Keep a time frame in mind of how long you will wait, but don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself. Instead start to build daily habits and choices into your life that will helpgive you the courage to do it. Whether it’s focusing on self-love, or having a financial back up plan so you aren’t stranded. Good preparation will make the whole process a lot easier and take some of the stress away.

Hold yourself accountable

Lastly, it’s important to surround yourself with good people who inspire, encourage and support you. If you know you need to end your relationship because it is unhealthy or unfulfilling then make sure you tell the right people so they can keep you on track. With fear also comes excuses, so connect with people in your world you will keep you accountable to your happiness.