Avoid The Awkward Silence On Your Next Date!


Have you ever been so nervous on a date, you immediately draw blanks and repeatedly say the words um yeah…um yeah..haha…so..yeah…while your date blankly stares at you from across the table?

If you’ve answered yes to this, listen up! You’re in for a real treat with this blog post. Your days of awkward silences are officially over my friend.

The key to great conversation is finding out what makes the other person tick and whether you share mutual passions and interests. The only way you’re going to unlock this secret is by ASKING YOUR DATE QUESTIONS and really listening to their answer.

Don’t make the mistake of firing off a list of questions as this approach will only have your date feeling overwhelmed and extremely uncomfortable. Ease into every conversation and remain cool, calm and collected. If you only manage to cover a couple topics, it’s a great sign. This shows you were able to dive deeper than surface level conversation and possibly even find some shared interests!

Stay on track with this list of topics on your next date!


You may be an avid traveler and want to share all your funniest adventures with your date, but be sure to ask them if they even like to travel to begin with! If this is a mutual interest, you can usually roll with this material for the remainder of the date, exchanging hilarious backpacking stories.



Maybe your date isn’t the most experienced traveler, but you find out you both have fur babies you love and adore! This is a purrrrfect segue into your next date. Set up a dog walk together or have a play date with your cats!




When someone mentions their family without being prompted, it’s a pretty good indicator they are tight with them. If you come across someone who isn’t comfortable talking about their family life right away, respect them and move onto another topic that’s a touch lighter, like food…

family photos


We all need it to survive! There are so many conversations to be had over this topic and it can be expanded on in so many ways. Here are some questions to keep in mind when on a date with a foodie: Do you like to cook? What is your favorite food? What is the weirdest or most adventurous thing you’ve ever tried? What is your favorite restaurant, so I know where to take you for our next date? (see what i did there)


Find out what team your date cheers for because you may learn you’re ultimate rivals.  A little friendly competition always makes for more fun, doesn’t it!  If you ask your date about sports and their eyes glaze over, it’s safe to say, they aren’t too interested in the topic!




Instead of asking the boring “what do you do for work?” question like everyone else, switch it up and ask your date whether they currently like their job? You can follow up with this by asking why or why not.  


Everyone has one, so this is an easy go-to question if all else fails. Hobbies include all activities that are done for pure enjoyment and leisure! Perhaps your date is a coin collector, professional board game player, or interpretive dancer in their spare time! You’ll never know until you ask!



Kate Maclean

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