5 Things You Shouldn’t Rush in a New Relationship

You know the feeling when you’ve just started dating someone, things are going extraordinarily well, and you feel as though you are living out your own musical? We’ve all been there. You somehow work their name into every conversation, your thoughts are on them all the time; grocery shopping, in the shower, girls night, meetings at work, no locale is safe. Basically your world has developed a dream-like haze giving you the impression that this is what life in love was meant to be like. During this time – this amazing, sparkly time – it’s easy to make a slew of blunders that would, in turn, ruin your new romantic glow. Rushing into things when starting out with a new love can happen without a thought, and end having made a big mistake. There is an art to taking it slow; here are some things that should avoid being rushed in a new relationship.

1. Moving in together

If it’s meant to be, it will be. If it’s meant to last, you will have all the time in the world to nag him about putting the toilet seat down, and cleaning up after himself. He will have a lifetime to complain about how you do the dishes and leave your hair in the shower drain. Of course, deciding to live with your significant other is a wonderful and exciting time. But why rush it? Enjoy this time of longing! And go on pretending like your apartment “always looks like this”.

2. Sharing financial information

What is sexier than the sharing of financial information? Uh, pretty much everything!.Money talk is serious talk. Let’s save these kinds of serious convos for when they absolutely need to be shared. You don’t need to know how he separates his bank accounts, and he doesn’t need to know about your crippling debt. Not yet at least.

3. Talk of your future together (weddings, babies, etc…)

While it’s not uncommon for this topic to come up fairly early on, it’s best to control how often and to what extent. Sure you want to know how he feels about marriage, or if he wants kids in the future. Especially if these things are deal breakers for you. But it’s certainly best not to dwell on them. This is an exciting time in your relationship that should be spent learning about each other and living in the present, rather getting lost in the future. Don’t waste it!

4. Saying I love you

As cheesy as it may be, saying I love you and hearing it back is without a doubt one of the best feelings in the world. In a new relationship it may be hard not to bust out an “I love you” every time he says something mildly sweet, or picks up your favorite chocolate bar. But, hold your horses girl! Get to know each other, when you say it after really connecting it will mean so much more and be much more meaningful. Wait until you’re both so in love that you think you might explode if you don’t say it, he’s probably feeling the same.

5. Talking about exes

Oh yes, that uncomfortable taboo subject, the ex. There are some things you probably want to know about your partners past significant others. But, you know what, you are just going to have to trust that the person you think is so great, actually is that great. Just like talking about your future, it’s normal to get a few things out of the way – how have things ended in the past, was cheating involved, what was the level of respect – which is fine. But beyond that, knowing about the intricate details of past relationships doesn’t contribute to the success in your current one. The more you get to know each other the more it’s fair game to share about past relationships. Why dwell on the past, when your present is pretty darn swell?”

Danica Bansie

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