How to Compliment a Woman (Without Mentioning Her Looks)

Here’s the thing. We all love a good compliment from the right person. Heck, we love a good compliment from any person. I’m sure there are people out there in the world that don’t get a small high from being complimented – I have yet to meet them. But, here’s the other thing. So often women are primarily given compliments centered around the way that they look (mind blowing, right?!) Which, if we’re all being honest, can be great; it’s a good thing to take pride in the way that you look and when that is recognized, it feels good – flaunt your stuff!

However, the way we look is predominantly a result of our genetic makeup, and not something the average individual had too much of a hand into creating. There are so many other interesting facets that contribute to the person a woman is. Certain attributes that she has cultivated in all her years of life that make her unique. These are the things worth highlighting when paying a woman a compliment. The list could go on forever, but these few attributes are a great place to start:

Her Sense of Humor

There is something extra special about a woman with a sharp wit. If a woman can make you laugh, let her know. Being a funny person takes intelligence, it’s not easy to be funny. Or, maybe she isn’t the funniest, rather, the kind of person that can take a joke, or is generally jovial – it’s worth acknowledging.

Her Intelligence

There is probably nothing sexier than when a person can acknowledge your brain! Your intelligence is who you are. It’s what you know, what you remember, how analytical, or inquisitive you are and ultimately how well you represent that. When you recognize a woman’s intelligence above her looks, you are truly recognizing her.

Her Creativity

Not everyone is born with a creative mind. Not every person has the capacity to creatively articulate a message or a feeling. Not all creativity takes the form of art. A woman full of ideas leading her to be creative in whatever realm, should be told. And often – why not?

Her Taste

You know what never gets tiring? Hearing you have great taste in music or movies or food or TV shows. These are areas of passion. Being accredited for having excellent taste in a certain domain where you exude a level fervor  will inevitably make a person feel like an expert. And, who doesn’t like feeling like an expert?

How Friendly or Kind She Is

Whether a woman is the life of the party or quietly conversational to everyone she is around, it is worth noting. In our confusing world, it’s refreshing to be around people willing to be kind first. If you find yourself in the company of a woman who is good natured and friendly, let her know.

Her Life Experience

As humans, we’ve all inevitably lived both similar and wildly contrasting lives – all of which are interesting. When hearing about a woman’s life (positive or negative), rather than try to one-up her or even immediately relate to her experience, commend her for the life she has lived.

Danica Bansie

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