Overhaul Your Dating Profile With These Quick Hacks!

With the warm weather and beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom, it’s time to Spring clean the one thing you’ve been sweeping under the rug – your outdated dating profile. For so long you’ve been saying “oh I’ll fill that out later,” but in reality you have’t spruced it up since you made it a year ago. Things have changed, you’ve changed, and it’s best to reflect your most current self.

Here are my top dating profile hacks that will help you attract what you’re looking for!

Check your spelling

Gr8t, wut, cutiiiie – yeah…don’t write any of these words in your profile. The most recent study by POF, Conversation Nation, shows the majority of singles would rather bad sex than subpar grammar. Make sure you proofread your dating profile. If it’s littered with spelling errors, your potential dates are going to take one look at it and think you haven’t spent any time on it. You will ultimately give off the impression that you’re lazy and not quite serious about finding someone. I highly recommend getting a second set of eyes on it for a final review.  

Fill in the blanks

Fill in all parts of your profile; I can’t stress this enough! Take your time to fill out your dating profile and include a list of your interests and hobbies. Putting your hobbies on your profile gives potential dates a really good idea of what you enjoy doing most in your spare time, which will ultimately give them a better opportunity to strike up a conversation with you.  Also, those who take 20 minutes or more to fill out their profile are 80% more likely for men and 55% more likely for women to leave the app in a relationship. Avoid writing “I’ll fill this out later” at all cost. 

Give your profile some TLC

Keep your profile current; there is nothing worse than an outdated picture and profile description. Review your profile every 3-6 months to ensure it currently reflects who you are and what you’re looking for. Remove the photo you took 5 years ago at that epic college party. This most likely won’t attract the person you’re seeking now. Also, you probably look a bit different after a couple years, which you will want to mirror in your profile image. Try your best to avoid the “bathroom selfie,” (yes, people still do this 😲) and have a friend take your photo for you. Post a variety of images; capture a shot of you smiling, doing an activity you like, or perhaps try posing with your pet. The options are endless, and the keyword here is options! Variety in photos is important and will give a potential match a better idea of what you look like.

Skip TMI’s

Keep your profile short and sweet; break it down into three short paragraphs highlighting a little bit about you, what you are looking for in a potential partner and wrap it up with a cute anecdote. You want to leave someone wanting to know more about you. Avoid topics such as past relationships, sex, money and your long hiatus from dating.

Avoid checklists

  • Don’t message me if…
  • I don’t like…
  • You must have…

In the most recent POF study, negativity was identified by singles as the top conversation buzzkill. Stop writing checklists on what you’re not looking for in a partner, instead focus on the positives and what you’d  like to chat about, what interests you and where you’d like to go on a first date! 

Kate Maclean

Posted by Kate Maclean

Kate is the PR Generalist at PlentyOfFish. Like a kid in a candy shop, Kate’s favorite things to do are eat mass amounts of sushi, spoon her cat Snoop Dogg, and hike the great Canadian wilderness. Her favorite quote of all time is “People who love to eat are the best people” -Julia Child.

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