Data: Why You Should Date While On Vacation!

Is it June already?! Whoa, that came fast. Summer has officially started and singles are rolling out beach towels, grabbing their sun hats and lathering on the SPF for their upcoming travel destination.

At Plenty of Fish, we wanted to take a look at what dating on vacation really looks like, and whether singles are more open to meeting the love of their life while sipping on Mai Tais, and reading their favorite Grisham novel on the beach.

Here’s what we found…

70% of singles are more open to meeting new people while travelling or on vacation!

If you’re traveling solo this summer, break the ice with someone next to you on the plane, or train, and ask them where they’re heading on vacation, whether they’ve been there before, and what they’re most looking forward to seeing or doing.

When POF asked singles whether they’ve ever had a great conversation with a stranger on a plane, the majority of singles (52%) said, YES!

Check out what else singles have done while vacationing:

Have you ever?

  • Gone on a date while on vacation? 49% said YES

  • Had a fling on vacation? 40% said YES

  • Hooked up with someone on vacation? 38% said YES

  • Fallen in love on vacation? 22% said YES

  • Used a dating app to scope out other singles in a city you were travelling to? 46% said YES

  • Had a long-term relationship with someone you met while on vacation? 16% said YES

  • Hooked up with someone on a plane, train or while in transit to your vacation destination? 20% said YES

  • Ghosted (ceased all communication) someone by leaving town and going on vacation? 21% YES – OUCH!

And what if you met the love of your life while vacationing?! Would you go back home, or relocate? A whopping 62% of singles would relocate for love! How romantic.

Vacationing is not only great for a little r&r from work; there are endless opportunities to explore a new culture, cuisine and meet new people along the way.

So where are you travelling to this summer?




Kate Maclean

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