Is There Anything Worse Than Bad Sex? Research Says There Is!

YES, there is, and we have the answer! 

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Evidently the wrong use of “there, their and they’re” really grinds the gears of singles across America. I don’t know about you, but some of the least attractive messages I’ve ever received on a dating app, include poor grammar and incorrect spelling. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to include the “h” in “what” does it?

Example: “wat u up 2 today? you’re dog is really cute, wats her name?”

Try this instead!

Example: “What are you up to today? Your dog is really cute, what’s her name?” 

In a recent study conducted by Plenty of Fish called, Conversation Nation 2018, the majority of respondents (58%) couldn’t fathom a life with sub-par grammar. When asked which of the two were worse, bad sex or bad grammar, singles chose the latter. From now on, spell check is your best friend and wing man.

Adding even more importance, 83 percent of singles say they have actually found someone to be less attractive after having a conversation with them (but the good news is that 87 percent found someone more attractive after having a conversation with them (phew!).

Are you surprised by these results?

Intelligence is a very attractive trait to singles and paired with a thoughtful, well read message can go a long way. Taking a look at both examples above; I would imagine the first person wrote the message quickly and didn’t bother to give it a once over before sending it. First impressions are important, especially online, when you’re getting to know someone for the first time using just your words. The second example above indicates the person I’m speaking with, most likely read over their message before sending it to ensure their grammar and spelling was correct. A+ to you!

Next time you reach out to your crush online, double check that first message is an A+. Sometimes nerves may get the best of us and we make an error here or there. Just make sure these spelling mistakes are few and far between!



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