1,000 Messages Sent in Just 5 Days – The POF Love Story of Amanda and Chris

“What is the best aspect of working at Plenty of Fish?” A lot of people ask me this, and my number one response is – seeing how our dating app brings people together, who would have never met otherwise. Today, I am going to share with you the story of Amanda and Chris who I received a “tweet” from this past September.

Excited to hear about Amanda and Chris’ news, I wanted to learn more about their story! And today, I share that with all of you:

What Caught Your Eye on Each Other’s Profiles?

Amanda: I selected quite a strict search criteria and every single time I changed the search, Chris’ profile kept coming up! I remember thinking “he’s got nice shoulders” and he looked like he worked out 🙂 

Chris: Amanda actually didn’t have a photo on her profile and she didn’t have a lot of information at all, so getting to know each other was more about the messaging. 

Who Messaged Who First? 

Amanda: I definitely messaged Chris first. I think, considering I had no photo, my opening gambit was “Hi, my name is Amanda. I have blonde hair, blue eyes. Want to chat?” Haha!

We spoke about everything. Chris is Irish and I’m from the UK, so it was interesting to find out how long he’d been working here. We both found out that we like the gym – I even remember exchanging photos of protein powder lol! I think within the first 5 days we had sent about 1000 messages back and forth.

What Was Your Very First Date Like?

Amanda: This is funny. We decided to meet up just 6 days after first messaging. The plan was to meet at a local park and take my dog, Paco, for a walk. This was my first POF date ever and I’d discussed with my friend, Susan, about what to do…we decided a lunch date would be best, just in case he was weird! It wouldn’t be too hard to make an excuse and leave.

Susan and I went for drinks the night before the date. Chris and I were still constantly messaging…and after a few drinks, I suggested he come to meet us in town.

Poor Chris, who was already tucked up in bed, got up and shaved (at 10pm), much to the suspicion of his housemates.

We met that evening, appropriately in an Irish bar, then spent the entire weekend together!

How And When Did You Know They Were “The One”?

Amanda: I don’t think there was ever one moment, everything was just SO easy. We are quite aligned in terms of goals and what we like, which makes big decisions really straightforward. Also Chris is really chilled out, so we hardly ever argue— a great trait in a partner.

Chris: I think everyone has a vision of what their future looks like. I knew I wanted a partner and a family and eventually the blank space of “a future with a partner” became “a future with Amanda”.

What Do You Love Most About Each Other? 

Amanda & Chris: We both answered exactly the same thing — how much we take the mick out of each other and laugh. Life is just a bit more fun when you don’t take it so seriously!

What Piece of Advice Would You Give to POF Members Currently Looking for Their Partner?

Amanda: Don’t bother with games. Don’t put any pressure on the relationship. If you really want to find someone, just be genuine and it will happen.

Chris: Just genuinely be yourself.


Kate Maclean

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