The 8 New Dating Trends You Need to Know Before the New Year: #1 Scrooging

“My partner broke up with me just before the holidays, so they wouldn’t have to buy me a gift this year…”

Sound familiar? Well, my friend, you have just experienced the latest and quite possibly pettiest dating trend known as Scrooging (/skroo-jing/), coined by dating app Plenty of Fish.

Don’t worry too much as you’re not the only one to have been cursed by the Bah Humbug this year! In fact, singles in the United States are reporting on 8 new dating trends, that have recently become quite common in the modern days of dating.

Starting today, we’re going to share you on the newest trends before the New Year, so you know exactly how to spot them yourself. 

Today, let’s take a look at Scrooging shall we, and cover off top tips to identify the Ebenezers that walk among us! 

Scrooging (/skroo-jing/)

Breaking up with someone shortly before the festive season, so you don’t have to get them a gift

To understand the prevalence of this new dating trend, Plenty of Fish surveyed over 1000 single POF users and here’s what their responses revealed:

  • Woman are slightly more likely to Scrooge than their male counterparts, but 33 percent of singles report having experienced this trend first hand by being broken up with over the holidays!

If you’ve ever been dumped over the holidays, it hurts. But it’s important to find at least one positive to this outcome. Think about it, you now have the freedom to spend the holidays exactly how you want to, whether that’s in front of the fire with a hot cocoa and Baileys, or visiting your extended family you’ve missed the last couple years. If you’ve booked time off work, take this extra time to treat yourself!

  • 68 percent (the majority) of respondents believe it’s never too close to the holidays to break up with someone, so be on the lookout for Scrooges this season.

Sometimes a breakup is inevitable and there is no right time to pull the chord but perhaps refrain from breaking up with someone right on Christmas Day as it will be a memory burned, like a yule log, into their brain forever.

The five ways to spot a Scrooge:

  1. In the lead up to the holidays, a Scrooge doesn’t mention Christmas…at all
  2. A Scrooge consistently brings up how broke they are 
  3. Any mention of gifts turns a Scrooge into a curmudgeon
  4. A Scrooge complains about how commercial Christmas has become
  5. A Scrooge can’t wait till Christmas is over and makes it known

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