Save Money and Shake Things Up With a $20 Date Night!

A typical date usually entails dinner and drinks.  It’s a good start to get to know someone face to face. But what if you wanted to do something different?  What if you were looking outside of doing a “typical” dinner and movie kind of interaction? To shake things up with a more unconventional atmosphere, to spark different kinds of conversation?

A great way to get creative, is to put a spending limit on the date: this helps to steer from a typical and sometimes monotonous outing. Here are two rules you can set for yourself  – You can either do a $20 per date overall or $20 per person for the date.

Think about it, there are so many things that are free or low-budget that can make for a great afternoon or evening that we often fail to take advantage of!

Check out all the interesting locations you can have a date for $20 or less!

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An exciting way to see more of the cultural side of where you live at lower cost, is going to a local festival (ie. food festival, jazz festival, wine festival, the list goes on). Festivals have so much happening including music, food, and demonstrations. There is a lot to experience and makes for unique interaction and conversation.  A lot of festivals usually have no gate fee.

Pay As You Can Plays/Shows

Indoor or outdoor plays are more interactive and something different than going to a movie.  Most plays have a discount night or “pay what you can” night. Also try going to a play at your local College/University or community theater.  Typically, these shows cost less and some matinees are discounted.

Sporting Events

Outdoor community games, such as baseball or football do not charge to watch.  You could also go to College and University games, they typically have lower ticket prices. It’s fun to support your local team, and this type of date is quite a relaxed because you always have the game to refer back to if you have any lags in conversation.

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Rentals — Bikes and Boats

Bike rentals are a great idea for those who want to do more exploring on their date. Bike rental have become a lot more popular  and so the costs associated are now more affordable.

Kayak rentals are typically under $20 per person.  It’s a different way to explore nature, all you need is a picnic basket to round out the afternoon!


This one is where you can get creative at home.  It’s fun to make a basket with what you have in your fridge and cupboard.  With 2 people bringing food and drinks, you can chat over what you have and what you can bring to make it well rounded and one-of-a-kind picnic.  Bring this basket to any park or beach and enjoy!

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Free Museums

Big cities have the all kinds of museums and some have a discount night. There are also small independent galleries tucked away and are free to go to. Some of these small museums are pay by donation as well.

Trivia night

Trivia night or game night is exciting and a sparks a lot of great conversation.  Pubs/bars or cafes have trivia nights often and it’s great for groups or as a couple. Usually there is no cover charge for trivia night. Most of the time trivia bars also host live music nights, so if you’re not in the mood to get quizzical, enjoy some live guitar and vocals with your date.

Finding out free events in your area are so easy to research. Start on your hometown website for events and activities.  Also local communities have website and event boards.

Have fun planning out something that breaks the monotonous date night!

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