Steps You Can Take To Ease The Stress of a Blind Date

Let’s face it; blind dates can be awkward, uncomfortable and nerve-wracking. But, with a little planning and research ahead of time, they can be more fun and exciting rather than something to dread.
Follow these tips to make your next blind date a fresh, new experience.

Put Together a Great Outfit

Nothing is worse than trying on dozens of outfits, rethinking and then leaving the house only to find what you chose is uncomfortable, binding or has a big old stain on it. Try planning your date outfit the night before. This way, you won’t need to waste time worrying about it minutes before your date. You can just throw it on and know that you feel fabulous already.

Dress comfortably. Although those new pumps might look great, by the end of the night if you can’t even walk in them, they were a mistake. Depending on the agenda, you want to be ready for anything. Dinner out might end up at the batting cages, so be prepared and bring an extra pair of shoes in your bag, just in case.

Pick a Good Date Spot

Since going on a blind date can be unnerving, take the lead, and pick the place. Choose a spot where you already feel comfortable and know the food and atmosphere are excellent. Plus, you’ll be on your own turf and have a home-field advantage especially if you know the people who work there.
If you are not a good match, you’ll know it pretty quick, and sitting through an entire dinner can be excruciating. Make a first date drinks/coffee only with the option of dinner if all goes well. That way you won’t have to suffer through 5 courses making small talk while dreaming of going home to binge-watch Netflix.

Don’t Worry About Lags in the Conversation

When meeting someone new, the ebb and flow of conversation can be awkward at times. Don’t worry about those long pauses and feel the need to fill the space with rambling words. Just take a sip of your drink and let the conversation pick back up when you are ready.

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Be Safe

You can never be too careful when going out with someone for the first time. It’s important to have fun, but equally as important to be safe as well! Never divulge personal details like your home address before getting to know someone and always tell loved ones where you are going and who you will be with on your date. For more safety tips, click here!
And why not do a little research before you meet up. Lookup their phone number online to see what comes up. Also, check out their social media accounts so you can see what their interests are, any previous relationships, family and other details they may not share with you on the first date. You can learn a lot about someone by delving into their social media life. Plus, it gives you some talking points to use during a conversation. Bonus!

Leave Your Expectations at Home

You will only set yourself up for disappointment when you think this blind date will “be the one” without ever having met him or her. Keep an open mind and let the date flow naturally. By mentally keeping the tone light, you might have more fun than you expected, and excitement will rule over anxiety. Go into every date like you’re meeting up with a friend!

Keep it Short And Be Open to Second Chances

Go into the date with the intention of keeping it light and short. You don’t need to share your entire life story in one date. Leave something for later. Limiting your time will help you not feel trapped or obligated, and you can look forward to more time with them in the future.
If the date goes horribly wrong but you think there still might be hope, keep the idea of a second chance open. Not everyone is at their best under the pressure of meeting a total stranger. Chalk that first blind date up to a warm up and offer a second chance to get it perfect!

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