6 Tips to Follow When Travelling with a Partner for the First Time

Everybody loves traveling, and there is no better vacation than with your partner. Traveling together can only strengthen your relationship, but if it’s your first time together on a long-distance trip, you need to be prepared. You both might be nervous before your first trip, but if your relationship is based on mutual trust and compromise, you shouldn’t worry about something going wrong. Nevertheless, here are some great tips for your first travel together, so you can both enjoy to the fullest.

Make sure you are both ready

The first and probably the most important thing is to make sure both you and your partner are ready for your first trip together. Such a vacation is a marvelous opportunity to strengthen your relationship, but it can also put it on a test. If you’re dating for some time now, you should have an open discussion about whether you both think you’re ready for this and what kind of travellers you are – is one of you on a tight budget? Or do you both want to live large on this one? If one of you thinks that the spark is lost and you believe that this is a great way to get things going again, tell that to them and be honest. On the other hand, if this is just about having fun and experiencing new things, make sure you’re both on the same page.

Choose a destination you both like

You both probably have a list of countries you want to visit sooner or later. And if those wishes don’t overlap, there might be a problem. The best advice here is to cross-reference your wish list and see which destinations you both like and dislike and if there are no countries in common, try to compromise. It’s important that you both like the place where you’re going together, otherwise, one of you will just feel resentment toward the other and not enjoy your time together.

As soon as the destination is picked, check if it has activities and events that you’re both going to like. For example, maybe one of you like sunbathing on a beach and the other one likes adventurous sports, and this is where a problem might occur. But, there is always a solution and you should make sure your destination has something to offer to both of you. So, for example, you can research some places to ski in the summer and combine both of your interests.

Discuss the budget

This is a big one for couples that are traveling together for the first time. It is essential for you to discuss how much money is okay to spend so you would avoid the most common topic of fighting. The best dating advice here is to open about it and to talk about it before you leave. As soon as you decide on a budget it will be easier to plan the whole vacation, know what kind of accommodation to book, how you’re going to travel and on which adventures you can spend the money. This is a rather sensitive topic, so be patient, mindful and compromise, especially if one of you is making less money than the other.

Plan out the whole trip

Since both of you want to build a stronger relationship and have fun together, you should have an itinerary for your first vacation. You can’t think only about yourself and your wishes, just like your partner can’t, so make sure to know what both of you enjoy and plan accordingly. Maybe you like doing different things, but try and find common ground and compromise, and you are bound to both have fun, especially if you’re both happy.

Have some time on your own

Even though the purpose of this travel is to spend more time together, you should remember to have some time for yourself. The same goes for your partner, otherwise, you might drive each other crazy. It is fun to do things together and make new experiences and plenty of memories, but both of you should designate at least an hour of alone time. Maybe your partner is a morning person and you’re not, they can go out for a walk and grab coffee in the morning as you sleep in and enjoy your rest. This is just to avoid too much tension in your relationship and so you can both relax and maybe even go and visit some places your partner might not like.

Be positive

Just like mentioned before, tension is bound to occur, especially if you’re closed up in a small room with someone for the first time ever. But, to avoid any fights or to calm down, you need to stay positive. You are there to have fun, make new memories and enjoy dating each other, so keep that in mind. This is even a great chance to be a bit spontaneous and romantic and leave flowers on your partner’s pillow, plan a nice date and surprise them with your creativity and kindness.

Your first trip together might sound scary to both of you at first, but if you’re honest and talk about it like adults, it shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure to take your partner’s feelings and wishes into consideration, plan out the trip and be positive, and you will have the best vacation of your life.

Posted by Ian Lewis

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