Did You Know? Singles Are Turning to Dating Apps to Find Their Wedding Plus Ones!

June, July and August – not only some of the most fun months of the year, but also that time of year when everyone and their mother has decided to have their wedding. Wedding season has officially begun, and Plenty of Fish is taking a deep dive into what singles really have to say about weddings and finding the perfect plus one to accompany them.

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After surveying over 1,000 POF members in the United States, it’s apparent that singles don’t actually feel too pressed to find a plus. In fact, nearly 40 percent of singles prefer to find a date at the wedding.

Furthermore, the majority of men (55%) and 46% of women think weddings are actually more fun to attend when you’re single. So, if you haven’t found your plus one just yet, don’t fret.

Here are the most common trends POF uncovered when it comes to singles and weddings!

  • The perfect plus one: Chris Hemsworth please…as Thor. Wouldn’t that be the dream?! When asked what they would be looking for most in a wedding date, the number one answer from singles was – someone they could see themselves actually dating (awwwww) versus only 16% who said someone just to provide company for the wedding. And the most important quality in a wedding date? To have a mix of great manners and the ability to engage in intelligent conversation.
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  • App-illy ever after: Not sure where to find your plus one, many singles have had quite the success online! Of the singles we surveyed, that turned to a dating app to find a wedding date, 30% scored a date and 74% would do it again, because it’s an easy way to meet someone. How bout that! Furthermore, 30% of these singles went as far as to add that they were looking for a wedding date in their actual dating profile – bolde move but we applaud you!
  • We just love, love!: With the heartfelt speeches, tears of joy and passionate smooches, weddings are a great place to fall in love, according to singles. 37 percent of singles said they have actually fallen in love with a plus one. When we broke that down by gender, 43% of men and 33% of women have fallen in love with their wedding date.
  • Low pressure plus one: Less than one in three singles are feeling the heat to secure a date to a wedding. The survey results also revealed the younger you are, the more you want to be single at a wedding. Over 50% of millennials prefer to attend a wedding single than in a relationship.
  • Family drama: While the pressure to show up with a plus one at a wedding is low for singles, 41% admitted to making up a fake relationship just to get their family off their back at the wedding. That’s one way to do it!

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