The Best Affordable Date Ideas

The never-ending struggle of coming up with new and exciting date ideas is one most of us are more than familiar with. Sure, there are tons of things to do that would guarantee a good time for you and your date, but they often cost an arm and a leg and, for most of us, going all out for every date we plan is just not feasible. 

Luckily, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of amazing dates that are not only fun, fresh, and sure to impress your special someone, but are also extremely affordable – win-win!

Whether you’re in a relationship and hoping to mix up your movie night, or looking to get to know someone in an enjoyable and low-pressure way, these POF-approved date ideas are sure to deliver while not breaking the bank.

  • Go to a street food market: What better way to get to know your date than over some street food from all corners of the globe? Exploring these is a chilled-out way of getting to know your date (and the chance to sample double the amount of culinary delights).
  • Go for a coffee and a cake in a nice café: Coffee is an ideal and inexpensive first date option. It’s the perfect way to cosy up around a small table with nothing to do but chat and get to know your date.
  • Go for a bike ride:Many cities now offer bikes to hire and this is a nice way to explore on a sunny day. The idea of activity dates is to show that you’ve put more thought into and effort into creating a fun experience. A bike ride is perfect, just head off into the park and do some exploring; stop and feed the ducks or buy an ice cream.
  • Picnic in the park: A picnic is a wonderful way to impress that special someone and certainly create a more engaging experience. A simple outdoor picnic hamper on a sunny day in a busy public park, paired with good conversations is always a winner.
  • A game of mini golf: Activities such as mini-golf are a fun and interesting way to meet someone in a friendly and fun setting. The advantage of activity dates is that it gives you something to talk about if the conversation isn’t flowing.
  • Go for a walk around somewhere scenic: Everyone appreciates a stunning picturesque view. Whether it be a drink in a fancy sky bar on a rooftop or sat on a blanket during the sunset watching people go by. Just make sure it’s in a well-known and safe spot.  You’ll get bonus points if the view has sentimental value or a funny story to tell.  
  • Attend a stand-up comedy night: Humour is arguably one of the most important factors when determining whether or not a date is the one for you. Open mic comedy nights are cheap and very cheerful, and laughing is guaranteed to break the ice.  
  • Go to a gig : Could music strike a chord? Definitely. Music is a great way to spend a first date and doesn’t have to break the bank. You can pick an open mic night or a rising star that both you and your date will enjoy. 
  • Become a tourist: Dates are the perfect time to explore those places in your area that you’ve always wanted to visit but never quite got around to. This could also be a great opportunity to pick something that you and your date share an interest in and show you’ve been paying attention.
  • Go to an exhibition: There are lots of art galleries and museums which are free and definitely offer opportunities to spark up more meaningful conversation. Many museums are open in the evening at least once per week and often have a more romantic vibe.
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