Meeting the Parents: How to Make Your First Holiday Visit Stress-Free

For most people, the holiday season means plenty of family time, which can bring laughter and closeness or tension and uneasiness—sometimes both in the span of just one visit. This is especially true if you’re spending the holidays with a significant other and meeting the parents for the first time.

The Worst Dating Advice Ever Given From Parents

We know singles have to deal with their fair share of cringe-worthy situations when it comes to navigating the dating pool – but when your own family steps in with terrible advice, it can feel like the last straw. Let’s hope anything you were told wasn’t this bad, because this is our list of the worst dating advice ever given from parents:

“Never drink before a first date.









“Lose weight as soon as possible, and you may find a woman by spring.”










“A man is like a honey bee.. he flits from flower to flower… A flower accepts every bee. A flower does not flit from bee to bee.”










Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” I did not appreciate being referred to as a cow, and I am not for sale.”










“My grandmother sat me down before I married my ex and told me not to marry him. I didn’t bother to ask why, I just got angry and shut her down. 22 years and half my life later, I knew why. In hindsight that was actually good advice.”








“Am I the only one who never got dating advice from their parents?”










“Keep your opinions to yourself.”









“Always let the man win, because they are physically much stronger.”