12 Old School Dating Rituals We Should Bring Back

A lot of guys are confused about how to handle a date nowadays, but men just need to relearn a little old school dating etiquette, and the art of leadership.

It’s really not so complicated. Many women can still appreciate some old fashioned chivalry. Does every woman want the old school dating dynamic where the man makes the major decisions, opens the door, and acts as her escort? Of course not, but one thing is certain, you will lose every time if you try to make everybody happy.

By applying a few old school dating rituals we should bring back, you will have no problem standing apart from the crowd of men who handle dating with timidity. Listed below are the 12 old school dating rituals we should bring back:

1. Take on the leadership role

Many of the following suggestions will fall under the category of leadership. To be a leader you must be assertive and act without hesitation or lose your dates interest before you even have a chance to chat.

2. Hold the door open

Car doors/restaurant doors, This is dating 101, and it will be noticed. It’s a basic courtesy which I extend to my mother, sister, and friends as well, and it shows you have some manners.

3. Pay the tab

The debate rages on about who should pay for the first date, but keep it simple and just pay the damn bill. I’m not talking about a fancy restaurant and an expensive bottle of wine; pick a cool place with an awesome ambiance, and have a drink or a coffee. This doesn’t have to be expensive at all, and you can avoid any awkward moments or looking like a cheapskate.

4. Give her your jacket (on a cold night)

Or maybe she has her own jacket, so give her your scarf. It’s a nice gesture which shows that you care.

5. Walk her to her car

Or the bus, and even go the extra mile (no pun) and take her home. This is how a gentleman does it.

6. Let her talk

If you’re talking the whole time about yourself then you can expect to be dating yourself the following weekend. Ask a couple of questions to get the ball rolling but make sure to let her talk without interruption, and truly listen to what she’s saying.

7. Focus on her

You’re there to get to know her, so get to know her. You will never run out of conversation if you focus on the most interesting conversation topic available, your date. Don’t just ask about what she does, find out why she does it and go deep.

8. Escort your date

Escort your date the old school way, with her taking your arm. If the two of you have a great connection don’t be shy to take her hand.

9. Surprise her

Everything doesn’t have to be set ahead of time. Keep an air of mystery before the date; set the place near where you’re going to take her but don’t reveal the exact location or activity. When she arrives take her to the mystery shop for a coffee , glass of wine, or fun date activity.

10. Set the time and place

“Um, where do you want to meet?” is a great way to kill your chances with almost any woman. Once the time has been established it’s time for you to take the lead and set the location. The last thing your date wants is to be asked to settle the details; you choose the date activity and place.

11. Go for the kiss

She’s not going to do it so that means you need to take the helm. Gauge how the date is going, but don’t be afraid of making a mistake and going for the kiss when she’s not interested. If she doesn’t want it you will know quickly, but at the very least you showed initiative, and some balls. That is attractive in and of itself.

12. Put her jacket on

This simple gesture will make her feel well pampered and taken care of.

All in all it’s about taking the initiative, leading, and showing some respect. If you’re not afraid of making mistakes along the way, and you’re OK with being rejected, your dates will go much smoother than most men who don’t act decisively.

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Eddy Baller

Posted by Eddy Baller

Eddy is a dating and personal development coach who specializes in building confidence and overcoming shyness. He helps guys crush personal obstacles to become the kind of men that women desire and men respect. Contact Eddy to learn about confidence and dating coaching: eddy@conquerandwin.com

One thought on “12 Old School Dating Rituals We Should Bring Back

  1. I think a little male chivalry sometimes goes a long way on a date, it is about having a balance. Women still like to be wooed, and simple things like opening the door and walking her home will impress most women.

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