A Selfie Is Worth 1000 Words

After working for PlentyOfFish for over 3 years and dabbling in online dating world myself, I have come to see the good, the bad and the really ridiculous of profile images – many of them shameless selfies. You’ve got your, “I’m in a public washroom and the mirror is really dirty” selfie, the too -close selfie, and lets not forget the classic duckface selfie.  One thing I know for sure about self portraits: selfie time can be anytime!  At a park with friends, out on the town, or even at a bbq. If you’re taking a selfie in the privacy of your home, make sure your photo location is clean! The focus you want is on you! You’re the star of your selfie show. Showcasing yourself is a great way to show off your personality and makes an attention grabbing addition to any social media or dating profile.

There are endless guidelines to follow when it comes to this delicate art, so here are my 10 most helpful hints on how to achieve the perfect selfie:

1. Lighting!

Good lighting is essential for capturing your best side in image form. I strongly suggest natural lighting as it brings out the softness of your skin tone and accentuates your features. Avoid lighting which can cast a sickly accent on colors or distort the appearance of your face or body. Try taking a picture near a window source (if you are inside) or outside on a clear or moderate day. A park, sports game, out with friends any venue with the right lighting and great timing is the perfect location for your photo op!

2. Angles!

Due to the symmetries of the lovely human face, we all have sides of our face that photograph better than the other. Personally, my right side is my most photogenic, so I tend to take pictures that predominantly feature my “better” side. Find an angle that best suits you. When taking a selfie, avoid having the camera below shoulder level so that you are looking downwards as this may cast shadows which will give you double chin syndrome, and dark circles around your eyes or face. Instead, hold the camera at shoulder length or slightly above eye level so that you are glancing upward to some degree (careful not to go overboard or you will look like your eyes are rolling into the back of your head…Not sexy).

3. Find a feature and complement it!

Pick your favorite feature on your face! For me, I always receive compliments on my lips. When taking a selfie, I always ensure to make sure my lips are glossed-up and slightly puckered. NO DUCK FACE!!!!N3

4. It’s a selfie, not a mugshot!

HAVE FUN!!! You’re not posing for a spot on Crime Stoppers (I hope) so as you showcase yourself in selfie format; smile, wink, smirk….enjoy yourself! Don’t be afraid to ditch the serious face!

5. Confidence, confidence, CONFIDENCE!

A picture lasts forever, so why not make that memory really pop than with a little sprinkle of confidence? Your confidence will transform a selfie from mediocre to great. Whether it’s because you’re wearing your favorite t-shirt or you’ve just finished a 5k run, your photogenic self-assurance will shine!

6. What you project is what you reflect!

Like what we mentioned earlier about confidence, what you project is what you reflect. Be positive! Don’t go into it with the mentality that you can’t quite nail that shot. Your negativity will be caught on camera. Instead, focus on finding exactly what you like about your face and use the force of positive thoughts to guide you to a perfect glam shot.

7. Take multiple shots if need be!

I’m no professional photographer or model, however It’s rare (maybe non-existent) that a model spending hours in hair / wardrobe / makeup will walk onto set and after the snap of one picture hear “GREAT NAILED IT! We’re all done here, let’s go home.”  Moral of the story: Don’t be afraid to take multiple shots. I take 10 before I find 1 I like or can work with. If you take 5 and don’t like them, you can easily delete and try again. Don’t expect yourself to succeed on your first selfie try. Don’t get down on yourself either, many models try variations of poses, expressions, lighting, and angles. You should too!

8. Editing!

Let’s not turn a duck into a swan, if ya know what I mean. There’s a keyword when it comes to photo editing: enhancing. Adjusting the brightness and contrast of a photo slightly makes a world of difference! Make the photo-editing au natural, meaning, if you look unrecognizable… it may be a little too much. Keep the editing light and simple. Don’t try and hide the fact that you’re missing essential facial features, but we promise nobody can tell if you cover up a blemish.

9. Inspiration!

Are you taking this picture for a special someone? To update your dating profile, perhaps? Or just because your hair / makeup is looking on point and you’re nabbing a photo to remind yourself how fabulous you are? Find your inspiration and work it! If you’re looking to captivate a flirty image for a mate (potential or current) think of something that gives you the warm fuzzies, it will show in your eyes when grabbing your perfect shot!

10. If all else fails, throw in a furry friend (or other object, I just like puppies)

Not feeling it today? Pesky pimple manning uncharted territory on your face? No problem! If you’ve taken what feels like a million pictures all of which you are completely unsatisfied with, or you are unable to find the angle of perfection, grab your furry friend for a quick photo op! A dog (or friend, or anything else you can snap a photo with) is not only a good sport but together you can create a forever snapshot of affection meanwhile hiding that annoying abrasion. N2

Capturing the perfect selfie isn’t always the easiest task, but by following my foolproof  steps you will be well on your way to becoming a certified Selfie Master.

Happy Selfie-ing, gorgeous people of the world!

Natasha Anderson

Posted by Natasha Anderson

Natasha has been a member of the PlentyOfFish team as a Senior Customer Service Representative for almost 4 years. Her colorful accolades include: staff member with most miscellaneous stuff at her desk (including a shoe bin), and resident office PLANK bully (everyday at 11 and 3!). She's known around the office and The 7 Kingdoms for her delicious cooking, which sometimes she shares and sometimes she doesn't. When she's not fattening up her co-workers she can be found taking pictures with her dog, hiking, or running the seawall. Her social graces are impeccable and she will challenge the dev team to arm wrestling competitions.

3 thoughts on “A Selfie Is Worth 1000 Words

  1. selfies are for people who don’t have friends. Seriously, compare the selfies to a picture taken by someone else, they’re awful.

  2. I think this is good. Yes selfies are for folks who don’t have someone flashing the camera at them. Sometimes when I go through the photos who have a bunch of people or even more than one I wonder which one would show up if I wanted to meet them? It is great to see a guy has traveled all over the world but what are your intentions and hopes if you meet someone. Are the photos just what you USED to do and the newbie won’t see that side of you. I like just a nice photo of the guy I would like to meet. Maybe some realtime like with grandkids if you interact with them but nothing wrong with a selfie if all you have is yourself..

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