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Two years ago I was completely consumed in heartbreak. I was working full-time, finishing my degree and running (on most days) on 4 double espressos and 3 hours of sleep. I had seemingly hit an all time emotional low. I was working through (completely ungracefully, I might add) the 1001 conflicting emotions of my breakup and trying to meet each morning with the conviction to put on – at the very least – my most dress-y sweatpants just to make it to class every day.

Feeling completely beside myself I decided, against my better judgement, to sit in on a speaker series my school was offering. I have no idea why I went, or what compelled me to go, but I can sit here today (in a pair of my MOST dress-y sweatpants) and tell you it was a real game-changer. I begrudgingly sat in the back of a darkly lit auditorium. Using all of my will power to not check my phone for the potential zero messages waiting for me, gave a few of my most affected-yet-disinterested facial expressions and hoped that there would be no Adele songs involved in the impending presentation.

Within minutes of talk starting I was completely engaged in what I was hearing, and felt for whatever reason, I was meant to hear what this woman had to say. The woman of course was Angela Maiers – and her talk was all about making people feel like they mattered. I was skeptical at first, feeling like this was way beyond my current ability to invest emotionally in anyone else but myself. But within five minutes of hearing some deeply profound affirmations, I was furious at the person that had begun cutting onions next to me (read: ugly crying).

What I absorbed is the following: you must make the choice to matter everyday and in doing so you actively create a culture of mattering for those around you. I had been guilty of not making the person I wanted in my life, feel like he mattered. Talk about a wake up call. See, important stuff.

I guess what I am trying to say is: regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or musical preference (where my One Direction fans at?) we all want to feel like we matter to someone. It is an especially important sentiment this time of year. Gifts don’t have to be purchased, they can still come from the heart and make a profoundly moving impact. We at PlentyofFish challenge you, this holiday season, to make people feel like they matter.

The other night this Redditor asked a question that brought about the entire idea for this blog post: “What is the most memorable compliment you have ever received?”. We polled the office and wanted to share some of the best answers from us and the Reddit community. Enjoy.














What’s your most memorable compliment? Share something that made someone else feel like they matter. Tweet us @PlentyOfFish to join the conversation.

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