Why was my PlentyOfFish Account Deleted?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked in the thousands of emails our customer service team receives daily. The simple answer is that you broke one of the rules of the site. With 88 million users worldwide and a lean team of 75 employees, it’s imperative that we establish and enforce a number of rules to ensure the site remains safe, free, and committed to helping our users find a genuine connection. On PlentyOfFish, 95% of our users are looking to date or find a relationship, and they comply with the rules of the site. These are the users to whom we cater our time and resources. Unfortunately, the other 5% who don’t follow the rules are immediately banned from the site. We’d ideally like to respond to every email and explain to each user why they were deleted, but with a small team, this just isn’t possible. Our focus will always be on those who are using the site as it was intended; to find a date and/or relationship.

If you were deleted from the site and don’t know why, here are some of the reasons this may have happened:

1. You are looking for casual sex. Once upon a time we allowed singles who were looking for ‘intimate encounters’ to sign up and use the site. Over a year ago, we updated our rules and removed this small group of users from the site. We have not allowed them back since. Our ultimate goal is to help singles find dates and relationships, and those looking for casual sex hinder our ability to do this. If you’re clearly just looking for one thing (and we have our ways of determining this), you’ll be deleted from the site.

Casual Sex

2. You are married (and not separated). If we haven’t said it enough just yet, PlentyOfFish is for people who are looking to date and find a relationship. If you’re married, you are already committed to someone else. If we determine that you indeed have a spouse, you’ll be deleted immediately. May we recommend another site that’s much more suitable for you.

3. You are a scammer, a spammer, a fake, underage, or are soliciting a business. The PlentyOfFish is renowned in its industry for its sophisticated scam detection system. This system intercepts almost 98% of the potential users listed above, before they are even able to sign up. These are two of the 2% who got away…


Spammer #2

4. You are rude to other users. If you’re rude or send inappropriate messages to other users, this will likely result in getting blocked by these users. If you are being blocked too frequently, you will be deleted. Furthermore, PlentyOfFish has zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination related race, sex, disability, sexual orientation etc.

Rude User

5. You post inappropriate photos. Nude and inappropriate photos are not permitted on the site. See  #1. PlentyOfFish has access to advanced software as well as an active user base who help flag these inappropriate photos. When we find them (and we will, even if they are hidden), your profile will be deleted.



6. You login from a country where PlentyOfFish doesn’t exist yet. PlentyOfFish is always expanding into new markets, but if you do login from a country where we don’t yet have a presence, your account may be flagged and deleted.

If none of the above apply to you, it is possible that you may have deleted mistakenly (although this is rare).

PlentyOfFish is constantly working to improve the site to ensure our users have a positive experience. Maintaining the site as a place where relationships are created and users are safe will always be our highest priority. Anyone who negatively impacts users around them and the intention of the site, will not be welcomed back.

Sarah Gooding

Posted by Sarah Gooding

By day, Sarah runs the Public Relations team at PlentyOfFish and serves as the company's resident Dating Coach, helping singles maneuver the muddy waters of online dating.
Upon earning a Masters in Business, Sarah joined the team in early 2011 and has been raising the profile of the company and brand ever since. When she’s not playing matchmaker and inspiring singles to pursue love, she can be found skiing the Coastal Mountains, tasting a new red wine, or soaking up exotic new cultures around the world!

17 thoughts on “Why was my PlentyOfFish Account Deleted?

    1. my account keeps deleting too.i did nothing wrong.it let me on for ten minutes but then i cant conversate with anyone only search.then says password bad and then it does not reconize email.weird happened like five times and alot of people since august say the same thing.please fix

  1. i didnt say anythimg sexual to anyone and they deletyed my account i go make a new one and it wont let me why? it also says email is being used so when i click lost password it tells me to type my email in i do and it says it has no user with that email so i dont understand ur site its a good site but i dont know why it keeps loseing my info

  2. I’m glad your cleaning up your site. But I’m still seeing too many men who half naked. Nor do they take the time to clean up before that selfie. You can’t make people clean themselves up but to me, if your half naked or can’t take the time to shave or clean up thAT nasty beard,; dont expect a reply from.me. it implies this is all.you have to.offer. And. I know what I’m writing seems harsh, but men expect us, women, to look our best ‘ Barbie doll) . They should too.

  3. I was deleted from this site and I didn’t harass any body on here and I was wanting to know if you could unblock me from being banned from this site is really enjoy itand I have met a lot of interested people and met new friends so please will you unblock me

  4. I keep getting deleted for no reason. This is the 3rd time. I have not broken any of the rules but still get deleted. Figure that? Why?

  5. i have put everything in your site 6 times and it keeps saying that my account is not there will you tell me why my account keeps doing that? i really tired of doing this over and over i have not even used your site and it keep messing up? why?

  6. I don’t think it’s rare for someone to get accidentally deleted…i just made a profile and did the tests as well…didn’t violate ANY of the rules and still got deleted…not good for business. Please fix

  7. I keep getting deleted as well! I haven’t broken any of the rules and don’t get it. They say they’re taking out the casual encounters part but I can tell you numerous people who have tried to talk to me that that is what they wanted. And they got blocked afterwards. I just wanna know why I keep getting deleted

  8. Hi, my account has been deleted for no apparent reason and my email no longer exists on when I try to retrieve my password. I’ve not been abusive or broken any rules. Can you re-open my account please? (corrections to spelling errors made)

  9. I need a contact number for someone to talk to live about a fraudulent account on here ASAP. How do I know its Fraudulent……….they are using pictures of my daughter!!

    1. Hi Kelly, Please email csr@pof.com and include a link to the profile or the username of the account. They will take care of it right away. Thanks!

  10. Hi Can’t rejoin… I keep getting deleted, I actually came off the site as I fell for a guy who was a serial dater/ player not nice .. spur of the moment thing really now I can’t get back on …. met some lovely people who I’d like to get back in touch with. Can you please ‘re open my account… thank you.x

  11. My account was deleted right in the middle of conversation why nothing bad going on. Had messaged a few guys then wham no messages going through and logged out tried log back in nothing. Said I didn’t exist didn’t get confirmation email saying I was banned and then went back on site and it let’s me fill out register form. How do I get my other account back?

  12. I was on the site for only one time and messaged three women with no inappropriate comments and I apparently was deleted. Very discouraging! spent so much time to fill out all the protocol. I wont recommend to others. Could this be an error? Oh well no one to ask!

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