Take Your Online Connection Offline with These Tips!

When it comes to dating options, there is without a doubt no shortage of ways to connect with hopeful singles. Nowadays, technology has made it easier for people around the world to connect virtually from almost anywhere! But here’s the kicker; no matter how long you chat online with someone or engage with people in the digital world, in order to fully maximize on the relationship, you will eventually want to get offline and meet in person. Right? Hopefully you have an end goal in mind – to find a great relationship! These 4 simple steps will guide you on a path to take your online connection offline!


Step 1: Set Goals For Your Love Life

We often think goal setting is simply for business, fitness and life goals. Yes, it’s great to have goals for all of those things, but it’s equally important to set goals for your love life so you’re not wasting your time. Set a goal, have a plan and most importantly set a deadline. The dating world shouldn’t be an eternal resting place. Plan to get out of the chat game and set up a date in the real world!


Step 2: Strategize A Way To Meet And Connect Offline

Making a connection isn’t too tricky, but first you have to set a standard for your ideal mate and once you find that person, take proactive steps towards getting better acquainted and interacting with one another offline. You could meet for coffee or a drink! If there’s no method to your madness, you’ll struggle with achieving success in dating, much less, even see the beginning stages of a relationship.


Step 3: Stay Consistent

Now that you’re set your goals, you’ve started working on your plan and the sparks are flying, it is important to stay consistent. A relationship isn’t about a short-term victory; it’s about long-term results. Use your online dating experience as a meeting place, a stepping-stone, and a starting point, but be sure to keep the ball rolling. If you’re serious about a guy, show him through your actions (i.e. regular phone conversations, face-to-face interactions, introductions to important people, etc).


Step 4: Set Standards

A man respects and admirers a woman for her standards. Throughout life, a man will meet women who don’t pose any sort of challenge and quite frankly, he may get bored. But not you, you’re “The One”. What makes you different than all the rest, is that you give him something to look forward to by keeping him on his toes and giving him something to live for. This is secretly every man’s hearts desire.

Cheyenne Bostock

Posted by Cheyenne Bostock

Cheyenne Bostock is a Life & Relationship Expert, Author and Motivational Speaker. He is also the founder of AskCheyB LLC, a coaching firm which helps people and organizations cultivate healthier relationships through professional development seminars, workshops and training. While living in a homeless shelter, Cheyenne sought ways to significantly improve the quality of his life and he now inspires others to do the same.
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