How to Make Camping Romantic

Every now and then, true spontaneously romantic moments occur between two people. The stars align, like the speckles in each other’s eyes when they meet, and a feeling of mystery and excitement consumes them. But in reality, these moments are few and far between, and one of the parties usually works pretty hard to manufacture the moment for the other. So like most great and memorable events in life, romance needs planning.


Camping with your other half can be the perfect time to plan some romance – all that quality time together in the beautiful outdoors with only the distractions of the birds and the bees to get you in the mood. There are, of course, many factors that may not be favorable to romance when roughing it in the wild, so a good sense of humor and some thorough planning is essential. Here are some ideas to help create some wild romantic moments to remember forever:

A fairytale setting

Pitch your tent in a quiet corner of the campsite near some trees. Set out a blanket, put candles in jars around your perimeter and hang fairy lights and lanterns to create a magical ambiance once the sun goes down. A babbling brook nearby will round it off nicely – just remember your ear plugs, or sleeping beauty might turn beast after a bad night’s sleep!

Go gourmet

A romantic meal for two can turn to ashes very quickly when cooking on a campfire. So avoid trying something new and stick to a simple favorite that is fool and fireproof. To add a gourmet treat to the menu, make some canapés together that don’t require cooking, and finish by toasting each other’s marshmallows.

Campfire cuddles

As the light dies, snuggle up together under a blanket with a bottle of wine, and enjoy the warmth and mystery of the campfire. Sitting up wind of the fire is a pro move to avoid being smoked out. Turn the chat towards memories of times spent together; your first date, a favorite place, an embarrassing encounter. Or take advantage of the lack of TV, and delve into the adventure of a kids book, taking turns to read out loud to each other.

I want you to wrap your arms around me by the fire and hold me tight, babe❤️:

Morning glory

Trade the clichéd sunset smooch with an early get up to watch the sunrise together. Pack a breakfast picnic and hike somewhere remote to enjoy a steamy coffee with with a killer view, and the glory of the morning all to yourselves.

Take Photos

If all else fails, take lots of selfies of your adventure together. If your trip turns to be more of a boot camp than a romantic getaway, then at least the photos will help you remember the good bits and forgot the other bits!

So if you’re up for giving camping romance a go, then take a look at some essential glamping accessories to get you inspired.


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