Captivate Your Date With 3 Qualities

Finding love online has never been easier in this age of technology and endless options at your fingertips. If you’re looking for real love and a lasting relationship there are three key qualities that men look for in women. Here are three key things that can increase your overall appeal.

Your Perceived Beauty

Men are visual creatures and every man has a different standard as to what they find attractive in a women. If there are two women of equal attractiveness, he’ll be more drawn to choose the woman with the happier, more pleasant personality.

This selection is based on perceived beauty because being beautiful is not just about your looks. To a man, beauty is a combination of looks, behavior and character. His attraction develops and grows based on a combination of her charisma, confidence, and ability to be playful.

Your perceived beauty is also affected by your outlook on life. A positive outlook is one of many factors men look for when selecting a long term partner.  They are drawn to positive women and are more likely to stick around when she is optimistic about life.

A Confident Mindset

Confidence is the number one trait that both men and women find most attractive in each other.

A confident woman knows how to show interest in men. Her focus is on men who treat her well and respect her because she decides who to let in to her life.

One of the biggest pitfalls for single women focused on finding love, is that they become consumed by dating different men and engage in tireless conversations about dating so often, the rest of their passions and goals are put on hold.

To find love you must devote time to it, you have to have a life outside of him.  You’re not waiting for a man in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life. A confident woman makes a man earn his way into her schedule instead of putting him in an empty calendar.

Create the Magnetic Connection

To create rapport and build a connection with a man, get him excited to talk about himself.

Show your interest in him and be present. This means, asking questions about him and being engaged in the conversation to show you are tentative and genuinely interested in listening to what he has to say.

Stay focused on the present moment with him. When you make him feel good, he’ll want to be in your company for the long term.

With these 3 easy methods, every woman can become the most attractive version of themselves in their own unique way.

Candace is giving away a free customized guide here on how to practice becoming a more attractive version of yourself.

Candace Wong

Posted by Candace Wong

As a love coach for single, professional women, Candace is giving away a free customized guide here to on how to practice becoming a more attractive version of yourself. If you’re ready for commitment, learn how to find it at

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