Healthy Tips Before Your Date

Well, it’s happened: you’ve met someone you have a really good connection with, and you’ve agreed to meet up for your first official date. So what do you do in the meantime? Your stomach is a veritable butterfly box. You’re anxious, but excited – and above all, full of energy.

Why not channel that energy into something healthy? After all, the right lifestyle changes won’t just improve your health, they could even help improve your date! Here are a few tips that will keep you healthy as you prepare for your big date:

Sweat It Out

Ideally, you already have a regular workout routine, but if you don’t there’s no time like the present! Exercising for at least 30 minutes in the days leading up to your date will help release stress, fill your body with endorphins (which, as we all know, make you happy), and give you that little boost of confidence you need. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to get a gym membership or start running marathons to exercise. A walk in the park or an afternoon with a hula hoop can be enough to reap some incredible benefits.

Stay Hydrated

After all that exercise, of course you’ll want to head to the fridge for a refreshing glass of cold water. But water shouldn’t just be an after-workout drink. You should be sipping on it all day long! Drinking enough water can improve how you feel, how your skin looks, even your temperament (just ask this guy, who found that drinking more water made him more energetic and more handsome). And more water isn’t the only way to improve your health; cutting back on diuretics like caffeine and alcohol in the week prior to your date is one way to ensure that you are alert, energized, and in a good mood.

Get Some Shut Eye

Think about how you want to come across on this date. Do you want to seem witty? Engaging? Cool? Well then you had better get some sleep! Many researchers, including the folks at Harvard Medical School, have found a clear link between your mood and how much sleep you’ve had (to which the parent of every toddler said a loud, resounding, “duh”). If you want to be your best self on your big date, it’s important you’ve had adequate sleep the night before. So plan ahead, and make sure that you’re ready and rested.

Pamper Yourself

Of course, when the big day comes, you’ll be a bundle of nervous energy. No sweat! That’s totally normal. However, if your nerves are so great that they become a distraction, it might be time to do something about it. Go out and do something that relaxes you. Take a walk, get a manicure, sit in the steam room at your gym – whatever makes you feel relaxed and wonderful. That little bit of self care will help put you in a great mood, so that when your date comes you are ready for a fantastic night.

What other ways do you get ready for a big date? Tell us in the comments below!

Naomi Shaw

Posted by Naomi Shaw

Naomi Shaw is a full-time freelance writer who focuses on parenting, education, food, crafting and DIY, mompreneurship, writing, and anything wedding related. This working mom is married with three children living in sunny Southern California.

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