“We didn’t want the conversation to end” – Brian & Pattie’s POF Love Story

“Let’s just say the conversation was so good that we ended up getting kicked out of Starbucks at closing. We didn’t want the conversation to end…”

And the conversation didn’t end there for Brian and Patricia who met on Plenty of Fish, but we will let them tell the story.

Who Messaged Who First?

Brian: “We’ve had so many “disagreements” about who messaged who first! But I took a screen shot of it all!” I used the Meet Me in-app feature on POF where I came across Pattie’s photo and clicked “Yes.”

Pattie: “We go back and forth on this subject all the time, Brian did technically initiate the conversation by using Meet Me which I didn’t understand just yet as I was new to POF at the time. I decided to write Brian (the cutest person on POF I may add) saying “I don’t really know what this is about but Hi, my name is Pattie and it’s nice to meet you”

Brian: “Pattie cleverly broke the ice and our first conversation was playful yet meaningful as we navigated through questions and answers to check our compatibility.”

What Was Your Very First Date Like?

Brian: “Our first date was truly amazing! We met at Starbucks to make it free of any pressure. I do remember when I saw Pattie walk in, I got an instant pang of nervousness. My first thought – she’s beautiful and second thought – she is loud (in the best possible way – bubbly and outgoing).”

Pattie: “The conversation at Starbucks was so good that we ended up getting kicked out at closing. We didn’t want the conversation to end, so we decided to head to a restaurant to continue the conversation.” 

Brian: “After hours and not wanting the date to end, we finally said goodbye.” Little did we know, we’d spend the next 5 days together and it’s been pure happiness ever since. 

How Did You Know This Was “The One”: 

Pattie: “I knew Brian was the one when we met for that very first time in Starbucks. I remember when trying to find parking to meet him, John Legend’s song “You & I” was playing on my car radio. I had butterflies up until Brian embraced me for a hug. Our connection was instant; but funny enough after the date when I got back into my car, John Legend’s “You and I” was playing again! The only thing I could do in that moment was look up and say, God are you trying to tell me something? I went to work the next day and said to my coworkers, I think I found my future husband. Now four years later, we will be walking down the aisle to “You & I” by John Legend.”

Brian: “I knew Pattie was the one for me after we’d just gotten home from a couple’s vacation to the Caribbean. I reflected on how truly happy I’d been and thought about my life without Pattie was something I would never ever want to experience. I knew at that moment that there was no one else that I wanted to be with for the rest of my life.”  

What Do You Love Most?: 

Brian: “Pattie is so passionate and caring; she’s a hard worker who takes her career seriously. She makes me feel like I can do anything and drives the motivation inside me to continue to strive for all my dreams and goals. She is the best support.” 

Pattie: “Brian is very loyal, kindhearted, grounded, smart, easy-going, and is driven to succeed. What I admire is his charisma and the ability to win over any crowd. We travel quite often and we always make friends wherever we go. With his infectious personality, there is never a dull moment. What I truly love most, simply put, is that Brian is my best friend.”

Pattie and Brian will be tying the knot on August 11, 2018! If you want to read more about these two, check out their wedding page here.

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