Living Together: 5 Services That Take the Stress Off Your Relationship

Living together is fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful. Merging your life with someone else’s puts a lot of pressure on both of you. If you’ve always been messy and your partner is a exceptionally clean, suddenly one of you is always annoyed.

Instead of letting these typical cohabitation issues get in the way of your relationship, use services to relieve some of the stress.

Online Grocery Shopping

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is groceries. Even going on Sunday is debatable—when the couch is a lot more comfortable than dragging through the aisles of a poorly lit grocery store. That’s why online grocery shopping is ideal for busy couples. All you have to do is choose your food online and wait for it to show up.

There are a variety of options to choose from as well:

  • Grocery store delivery: Many large chains, from Whole Foods to Walmart, now offer online ordering and delivery. Ask the store near you, you may be surprised to hear they now offer this service.
  • Online grocery shopping: There are a variety of services that don’t exist as brick and mortar stores, but offer grocery delivery, like Thrive Market or InstaCart.

Monthly Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning may have always seemed like a luxury, but this service, especially when paired with a wash and fold service, is both a way to reduce stress and make space in your hectic schedules—did you know one load of laundry takes 100 minutes, according to Do It Yourself or Wash and Fold Laundry?

The best part is, most laundry services have modernized, offering text confirmation when your clothes are done. Many can even do same-day pickup so you’re not waiting for days to get your favorite pair of jeans back. Now, the only debate you’ll have with your S.O is who’s going to drop it off and pick it up.

Financial Planning

Studies have found time and time again that couples fight more about money than any other subject; 70 percent of couples surveyed said they fight more about money than chores, togetherness and sex, according to Stop the fight before it starts by working with a financial advisor or planner. Instead of going back and forth about how much you should save or how you should handle your 401K’s, you can have someone advise you on the best practices.

This is especially important if you’re worried that your S.O. is making poor money decisions, or you know you are, but neither of you know how to fix it. “Better to get help early if behaviors aren’t changing and your financial situation is unraveling. Don’t hesitate to call in the reinforcements. From government approved credit counselors to government approved debt education there are resources available to help. Likely more are available in your community through non-profit organizations or educational institutions,” suggests Anna Bahney, of CNN Money.

Cleaning Service

Cleaning, like laundry, is both time-consuming and often falls on one person or the other, rather than being a shared task. If neither of you are fans of cleaning, pay for a cleaning service to do it for you. If a weekly visit from the cleaner isn’t in the budget, have someone come just once or twice a month. Not to mention, many start at just $50 per appointment, making it surprisingly affordable—and you won’t have to fight about cleaning up after one another; at least not as much.


TaskRabbit is ideal for every couple for one simple reason: it’s a catch-all services app; anything you could need done, from mounting a television to cleaning out the garage. If neither of you want to deal with overhauling the front yard after winter, hire someone else to do. No one has to sacrifice, and for a small cost, it will still get done.

De-Stress Your Relationship

Don’t let the stresses of life take its toll on your relationship. Stay in the newly-living-together glow for as long as possible by offloading some of the work with services that, bonus, make your life easier at the same time.

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