Can Your Summer Fling Be The Real Thing? Here’s How You’ll Know!

Although summer is coming to end, it doesn’t mean your summer fling has to. Turns out, your casual romance may actually turn into a lasting relationship, according to a recent survey of over 400 former POF users from the U.S. who married partners they met on the app during summer.

Here’s what you need to know: 

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The Summer Dates That Lead to Marriage

You may be racking your brain thinking of an extravagant first date idea when in reality, your date, most likely would love a simple sit-down table for two. Research shows, singles prefer dates that nurture quality conversation. Our survey revealed the majority (55.1%) of our success couples’ first date resulted in a sit-down meal at a restaurant. The second most popular date was a romantic walk (29.9%), followed by drinks at a bar (27.7%). All of these dates have one thing in common – a setting conducive to conversations. 

How You’ll Know Your Summer Fling Can Make It As The Real Thing

When POF asked success couples – what was the best indication your relationship was more than just a fling, the number one answer was ‘having great conversations’ with the person you’re dating (33.9%). Another great indicator, is you’re making plans well past the summer into the future (30%) and lastly these two tied – you are introducing each other to friends and family and are posting each other on social media (26.6%).

Could this be The One?

Is it too good to be true you may be asking? Well, 16.4% of couples said they knew their partner was “The One” on the very first date and another 16.4% said it was love at first sight! That’s pretty remarkable. But don’t worry if you haven’t figured it out that fast, 31.8% of couples said they knew a few months in and 4.5% of couples said it took them more than a year.

Advice From The Experts – POF Success Couples

POF posed the question – If you had one great piece of advice for those currently looking for their partner on the app, what would it be? Here’s what our success couples had to share:

“Spend more time talking to one another and most of all listen to each other” 

“Be patient, be honest and be genuine.” 

“Take your time and make sure they fit what you are looking for. Be open to everyone, you never know what a simple conversation can lead to.”

“Communication is key. Take your time to really talk to someone and get to know them.” 
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