Part 1: 5 Things TV’s Favorite Couples Taught Us About Love

Let’s be honest, becoming emotionally invested in a particular couple from a show is part of the TV show watching experience. We root for the couples we love, especially when we see ourselves in them, and just because their relationships aren’t real doesn’t mean we can’t still learn from them. From the wildly dysfunctional couples to the on-again, off-again couples, to the couples who are just straight up #relationshipgoals, here are some lessons I’ve learned from ten of TV’s favourite twosomes.

You have to learn how to communicate – Nick and Jess from New Girl

If we take one thing away from the dysfunctional roommate/friend/romantic relationship between Nick and Jess, it’s the importance of communication. Essentially every roadblock the two face has to do with avoiding the hard conversations and relying on misinterpreted social cues instead of confronting one another. As hilarious as this pair can be, they paint us a pretty accurate picture of what can happen to a relationship if you don’t address each others’ feelings and make an effort to talk about what you want.

True love and connection will always find a way – Ross and Rachel from Friends

One of the best on-again, off-again couples taught us countless lessons as we all followed their relationship through to the end of the series. Despite their numerous arguments, mistakes, and frustrating antics, most fans were team Ross and Rachel from the start. The two lovebirds taught us what it means to fight for someone, and how no matter where life takes you, you’ll always find your way back to your lobster *swoon*

You know it’s real when you don’t just tolerate your partners’ quirks, you love them – Jake and Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It’s no secret that Jake and Amy have a huge fan base behind their relationship, especially after the most recent season finale where they tied the knot. The two are the poster couple for “opposites attract,” and nothing described their relationship better than the fact Jake realized he wanted to propose when they were lying in bed, and Amy found a typo in a crossword puzzle she was working on. Their vastly different personalities complement each other, and they have learned to not only tolerate one another’s quirks and habits but to accept, appreciate and cherish them.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork – Marshall and Lily from How I Met Your Mother

Marshmallow and Lilypad are, in my unbiased opinion, the best TV couple to ever grace our televisions. Why? Because they truly function as a team and support one another no matter what. There’s nothing these two don’t know about each other, and their constant ability to be 100% open and honest with one another, even when things are hard, is true relationship inspo to every aspiring couple (not to mention they are just sickeningly adorable).

Love someone for who they are, not who you want them to be – Mitchell and Cam from Modern Family

Mitchell and Cam are, at times, hilariously different and at others, hilariously similar. Cam is extremely eccentric, and Mitchell is much more low-key in his lifestyle and personality. Even though their differences cause small arguments throughout the series, the two always end up realizing that instead of trying to change one another, they are happy to accept them for who they are; teaching us that it’s okay to be different from one another and, in fact, being different from your partner allows for growth and new experiences.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!


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