Why Your Images On POF Might Not Be Attracting Matches to Your Dating Profile

The age old question that so many singles and POF users ask me is, “Why aren’t the images on my dating profile getting any attention?”

As a POF employee, there are a couple insider tips that I can share with you today, that will hopefully shine a light on why you may not be getting the the profile views you expected when you opened your account.

I hope after reading this post, you will have a better understanding of the types of photos that aren’t doing you an favors on your dating profile.

Do you have any of the following photos on your profile right now?

  • Poorly lit images aka “The Basement” Photo

Poor lighting in photos negatively impacts the overall quality. Your matches will have to squint and move their phone really close to really only see an outline of your silhouette. And we all know silhouettes are featureless – there is no way of knowing what your facial features are in a low lit room. People want to see an honest representation of you, and if they can’t see this, they will swipe left.

*Natural outdoor lighting is the best for all head/face shots.

  • Blurry images aka “The Old School Webcam” Photo

To be frank, webcam shots are unflattering. The most common photos taken via webcam turn out grainy, washed out and closely resemble a scene from Shia LaBeouf’s 2007 hit film, Disturbia. The webcam, when used with the flash, also creates a really off-putting bright glow, when taken in a dark room, which can make any individual look a little spooky.

  • No face images aka “You Wear Your Sunglasses at Night?” Photo

Like I stated above, it is so important to include a great picture of your face. If all your photos consist of you wearing sunglasses, a ski helmet or anything that obstructs the view of your face, this can be a turn-off to someone who is viewing your image for the very first time. Oftentimes, I see images with a big group of people – how will your match ever guess which one of the five people you are? I get it, you want to show your matches that you do, in fact, have friends! Try to avoid this type of photo though and don’t worry, your match isn’t going to just assume you don’t have any friends if you exclude this image.

  • Distracting background images aka “Your Bedroom is A Mess” Photo

I never encourage a bathroom or bedroom mirror selfie, but I still see a lot of these types of photos. Take a minute to look at the background you have in the photo. Are there clothes on the floor or garbage in the corner? A really great background for any profile photo is the outdoors. Along with the natural light, the vibrant colours of trees and flowers in the distance is appealing to the human eye.

Photo by Inna Lesyk on Unsplash

  • Long distance images aka “I Can’t See You” Photo

It’s important to outline what your hobbies are in your profile, images included, but it’s really difficult to see you when you’re in a full snow suit on the edge of a mountain top. I’m sure it’s a great photo and one that deserves a framed spot on your wall at home, but perhaps not the best one for your dating profile. Adding too much of a background in your photos will shy away from the focus, which should be you. Vacation pictures add great variety as well, but just remember to include yourself in the forefront of the photo with a big smile on your face.

  • You aren’t smiling images aka “Turn That Frown Upside Down” Photo

Make sure to smile in your photos, even if you don’t think you should. Why you ask? It makes you look much more approachable! Naturally, we are drawn to positivity and when you’re photos are bright and inviting, more matches will want to send you a message.   

  • Poorly formatted images aka “The Sideways” Photo

This one is a real doozy. Double check all images on your profile are properly uploaded and are upright. No one should have to tilt their head or flip their phone around to see your image, people just aren’t prepared for this amount of effort.

  • Outdated photos aka “Is That Really You?” Photo

Remember, people always want to see the correct representation of your current self. If you’re serious about meeting someone face-to-face, they’re going to expect you IRL match your profile photos. It’s important to update your photos every year. If you have a photo from 5+ years ago, ask a friend to help you out and dedicate a couple hours to taking some awesome new shots!

Kate Maclean

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