How to Write a Dating Profile to Attract the Match of Your Dreams

Do you want a loving, generous successful guy? An adventurous woman who makes you a better person?  Or maybe a spiritual soulmate who truly completes you? Here’s powerful dating advice on how you can magnetically attract the partner of your dreams by simply showing off your authenticity through a few key phrases in your dating headline and profile! Phrases that not only describe your ideal match, but also what you highlight about yourself.

For example, if you describe yourself as “a catch” or how you love a good conversation with an intelligent man, or enjoy challenging activities like competing in marathons or attending black tie charity events, you will most likely attract a match similar to you.  If you talk about helicoptering into the Grand Canyon, or taking off for Burning Man on a moment’s notice you will most likely entice a more adventurous partner.  If you mention your meditation practice, you would appeal to a more spiritual soulmate. If you highlight prayer comes before brushing your teeth in the morning you will catch the eye of a more religious person.  In any case, you should be authentic about what you are saying. Emphasize the certain aspects that make you who you really are. In addition, add in some bedrock qualities about yourself that present your warm, caring side—which are attractive to all dating matches!

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When it comes to describing your ideal match, use phrases like:

You are doing extraordinary things and love a great conversation”

You are a leader”

You’re ready to pack your bag and head out to destinations unknown”

“You are into savoring the moment

“You are authentic and value connection.”

Here are the steps to take to write a magnetic profile:

  • Decide what qualities are must-haves in a partner
  • Write a headline designed to capture attention from the kind of person you want
  • Describe your qualities and activities in alignment with your dating goal
  • Describe your ideal match in alignment as well

Here is an example profile designed using the formula above:

Headline: Warm, witty, smart and beautiful—a catch!  

Friends say I’m a loving, loyal person who is amusing in my own unique way. I love an adventure, whether far away or right next door.  Adventure is a state of mind BUT just in case I have a freshly minted passport and some bug spray. I’m handy with a map, can drive a stick, pack lightly and easily make friends with the locals. Comfortable in jeans and boots, heels and gowns, Top-Sider boat shoes and bikini. Love to ski, and sail. Most importantly, ready to create a great relationship where I am there for my guy, as he is there for me.


Love your life and are doing amazing things with it.  

Are ready to create an extraordinary win-win partnership filled with adventure, passion, love and laughter.   

So here I am.  What are your other 2 wishes?

If you are having trouble coming up with your ideal-match wording, ask a friend to help you describe yourself, or check out books that have sample profiles to get ideas. You can also get a free phone or Skype coaching session with a wise Love Mentor® focused on your profile  (or any pressing dating or love questions) at  Just say “Plenty of Fish sent me” for VIP treatment!

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