Survey Reveals 2018’s Hottest Halloween Costumes

OMG Halloween is just a week away and I’m still wondering how the month of October crept up so fast! Who else feels this way? We must face it though and come to terms with the fact that a) we don’t have a costume and b) we don’t have Halloween plans…oh the tragedy!

It’s not all bad though, I promise. The good news is, today, I’m going to reveal the best costumes for singles to wear this year (as voted by singles in America) and you still have a full week to figure out where you’re going to rock this get-up.

At Plenty of Fish, we surveyed over 1500 users of the app to find out what the hottest costumes are for the spookiest night of the year, and here’s what we found:

These are the hottest costumes for men this Halloween:

Drum roll please…

  1. Black Panther (29%)
  2. Thor (26%)
  3. Deadpool (9.5%)
  4. Aquaman (7.9%)
  5. Prince Harry (7.7%)

Superheroes are dominating the box office and the hearts of single women, even beating out one of the world’s most beloved royals for the top spots. It’s no surprise Black Panther is the sexiest costume this year, being one of the top grossing films and having an extremely good looking cast – Hello Chadwick Boseman! 

These are the hottest costumes for women this Halloween:

Some costumes never go out of style, and single men are gravitating towards some classic female characters who are powerful and sexy:

  1. Wonder Woman (27.3%)
  2. Catwoman (18.9%)
  3. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (17%)
  4. Black Widow: Avengers (12.7%)
  5. Khaleesi: Game of Thrones (9.4%)

I couldn’t agree more that this costume worn by the stunning Gal Gadot is totally bad-a**!

Retailers know just how popular the Wonder Woman costume is and make a ton of different styles for you to choose from – The Classic 1960’s Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman with gladiator skirt, and today’s Wonder Woman.

What to Wear? Twenty seven percent of singles are dressing up for Halloween this year, and we’ve just given some great inspo for the 39 percent who are still undecided: 47 percent of single women are opting for sexy costume options, and 40 percent of men are planning to go the funny/punny route. Further, 36 percent of singles have broken the bank and spent over $100 on their costumes!

What will you go as this year for Halloween?!

Kate Maclean

Posted by Kate Maclean

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