7 Gift Ideas for Every Stage of A Relationship

The holidays can be the best time of year for some and a very stressful time for others! Today, I want to alleviate some of your stress and share some great gift ideas for every stage of your relationship. I’ve noticed a popular question on the web is, “Do I buy someone a gift when I’ve only been dating them a month or less?”

Here are some of my best answers for you when it comes to gifting with a partner!

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You’ve been dating for one – three months: 

Nothing: If you’ve been only dating someone for a month, gifts should not be expected. You’re still just getting to know one another and learning what your likes and dislikes are.

Coffee or Tea Gift Package: Lots of coffee and tea shops put together holiday gift packages with a great assortment of teas and/or coffee along with a cute mug or loose leaf tea cup. Some of my favorite options are from Davids Tea which you can shop for here.

Xmas PJs: I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t like receiving a cozy pair of holiday pjs to wear on Christmas Eve. Adult onesies gained popularity in the last five years and have not lost their stride – check out the latest onesie fashion here. To dress up this gift, you can always add slippers as well.

You’ve been together for four months – a year

Winter Weekend Retreat: Going on a weekend getaway with your partner is a really great way to see if you are seriously compatible with one another especially if you’ve only been dating 4 months. The length of a weekend getaway is short and sweet and allows you to escape from the daily routine and enjoy eachothers company and conversation. When you go away with your partner, it encourages you to have more philosophical conversations about life, which can provide you with some great direction as to where you’re relationship is heading.

His & Her Robes: You can customize almost everything these days which makes for great couples’ gifts. One of my favorite things about staying in a fancy hotel is a good hotel robe. You can enjoy the luxurious robe life at home by customizing your very own Mr. and Mrs. or His and Her robes and spend all of Xmas morning snuggled up in front of the fire in your robes.

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You’re in a long term relationship (1 year +)

Custom Star Map: Oh, now this is romantic. Have you ever seen a map of the stars the night you met your partner? Well now you can. The custom star map is the perfect sentimental gift for you and yours. You can customize the star map to reflect either the first date you met, your engagement, your wedding date. Etsy has some pretty awesome options that range in price from $20 – $150.

Bucket List Trip: Have you and your partner been meaning to take a big trip, but just haven’t gotten around to actually scheduling time off and budgeting for your next adventure? Perhaps both of you have certain countries on your bucket list you’d like to experience together. Treat yourselves this holiday by taking a trip, just the two of you. If you’re up for a real spontaneous adventure, why not head to the airport and pick a destination then and there and spend Christmas away from home.


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