The 8 New Dating Trends You Need To Know Before The New Year: #7 Banksying

The artist Banksy, made headlines this year when his very famous Girl With Balloon painting was shredded on purpose, right after being sold for over 1 million pounds at auction. Little did everyone know, Banksy himself had secretly built the shredder into the frame years ago, waiting for the perfect time to shred the piece. The new piece of artwork is called Love Is in The Bin. So how does this relate to dating?

In order to pull off such a mind-blowing stunt, Banksy had to pre-plan every detail, years in advance. Now, how many of you have pre-planned a breakup with someone down to the last word you were going to say before you parted ways?

Well there is a term for that, coined by Plenty of Fish, called:

Banksying (/banks-ee-ing/)

Like Girl With Balloon was shredded and ruined on purpose, this is a breakup that is carefully planned way in advance

And it turns out – ¼ of singles have done this, and 44 percent of singles believe they’ve been Bankysied!

Here is my advice to those who are consistently pulling a Banksy

  1. If something feels off in your relationship, have a conversation with your partner first to see if they’re experiencing the same. You two may just need a communication adjustment to gain a better understanding of what each other’s wants or needs are.
  2. If the relationship continues and you’re still unhappy, I highly recommend you end it sooner than later to avoid stringing someone along. There is no right time to breakup with someone and feelings will be hurt, but trust me, it’s much worse to keep them in the dark.

For those who think they may be getting Bankysied, look out for the following signs

  1. Your partner never talks about the future and when the subject is brought up, they quickly divert their attention to something else.
  2. They cancel plans with you more often than not and are hanging out with their friends more than ever.
  3. Talking about feelings isn’t their strong suit; every time you ask them if everything is okay, they will brush over it and meet you with a simple ‘yes.’

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