The 8 New Dating Trends You Need To Know Before The New Year: #6 Throning

Don’t get me wrong, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are without a doubt a power couple, but have you ever wondered if their relationship was manufactured to boost one another’s celebrity profiles? As much as I love to think they are truly in love, I’m always left feeling like this emoji – 🤷‍♀️

This contemplation brings us to our 6th dating term of the week:

Throning (/throw-ning/)

Dating someone just to boost your personal profile or reputation, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

If you’re currently in a relationship where you’re only in it to take cute selfies and gain more “likes” on your Instagram page, you’re dating for all the wrong reasons. This surface level relationship probably won’t last long term as you’re not going to to be fulfilled on an emotional level. 

If you’re a serial Throner, a wise decision may be to take a break from social media altogether and focus on what makes you truly happy, something that doesn’t require validation from people you don’t even know.

According to Plenty of Fish research, 9% of singles say they are guilty of Throning and a 27% of singles believe someone has dated them to boost their own profile. 

If you think you’re part of that 27%, here are some of the most obvious ways to tell if someone is Throning you:

  • They photograph everything you do together
  • They immediately post the photograph to their social channels
  • They wait patiently for “likes” and update you when they get one
  • They ask you to share the picture with your social network
  • They care a lot about their outward appearance
  • They idolize people with a powerful social status

Kate Maclean

Posted by Kate Maclean

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