You Heard it Here First: Plenty of Fish Employees Share Their Best Expert Dating Advice

As Plenty of Fish employees, we’ve pretty well seen and heard it all when it comes to dating. We completely understand dating can be stressful at times and very rewarding at others! But sometimes, especially at the start of a new year, you need a little boost in morale; so today we put our heads together to compile our very best top expert tips to improve your dating experiences. You can apply the following tips to a first date, your online experience and your next relationship. If you have any dating questions you’d like us to answer, please feel free to comment on the post and we will try our best to provide the best possible advice!

When it comes to your dating app:

1) Don’t go into dating with a checklist of what you want, keep an open mind because you never know who you could be missing out on if you stick to a strict criteria  – Cody, Manager of Strategy and Analytics

2) Men, don’t lie about your height on dating profiles (if she meets you she will know) – Jason, Marketing Manager

3) Try meeting a person face-to-face sooner than later so you don’t end up with just a pen pal! Going on the date will immediately let you know if there is real chemistry or not – Amanda, People and Culture Manager

4) Share your goals – see if they support you and/or share similar ones. It’s a great way to check compatibility!  – Phil, Project Manager

5) Be open to date other types of people that you haven’t dated before. You may end up opening your horizons as a result! – Frank, Database Developer Lead

When it comes to the date:

1) Do something that you’d want to do yourself, go to your favorite restaurant or do an activity that you enjoy. You’ll be feeling most comfortable in a place you’re familiar with and if the date goes south, you did something that you probably wanted to do anyway! – Frank, Lead Database Developer

2) Be Yourself! There was one date I went on and I was not myself and that was the first time it didn’t lead to a second date. Also, don’t have two glasses of wine before the date, stick to one or none as you get ready!  – Leah, Associate Marketing Manager

3) Put away your phone and have insightful questions in the back of your mind for those lulls in conversation. People like talking about themselves and asking questions has been shown to increase likability – Jason, Marketing Manager

4) Approach every date to have a good time with someone, nothing more. It takes the stress off of the date and you’ll be less disappointed if it doesn’t work out. The other stuff will come in time, if you hit it off.  — Frank, Lead Database Developer

5) Actually listen to the other person. What I mean by this, is waiting for them to actually finish what they are saying and then respond. I think a lot of people don’t actually realize they’re talking over someone because either they’re nervous, feel more comfortable talking about themselves, or want to impress. Don’t make the conversation all about you  – John, Systems Team Lead

6) Don’t focus on this being “The One” – focus on getting to know them.  Don’t put any unnecessary pressure on the moment / time together. – Phil, Project Manager

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When it comes to your relationship:

1) My mantra is live in the moment! If you’re present, you’re paying more attention to your partner which will only make your bond stronger. – Pedram, Intermediate Business Analyst

2) Don’t believe that the other person will change for you. See your partner for face value and who they currently are. Either accept it, or move on. People change when they are ready to change.  – Wendy, Operations Accountant

3) Trust your gut – when you know you know. There is no better feeling than when something feels so right. – Allison, Office Manager  

4) When you’re in an argument, focus on how to solve the problems instead of placing blame on each other. Less pointing the finger, more solving the problem! – Eve, Marketing Manager

5) Be Patient – really get to know someone before advancing too far. Build that trust with them.  It takes time to see how someone handles challenging situations. – Phil, Project Manager

6) Relationships are a team effort not a solo climb. You have to be prepared to look out for another person just as much as yourself, and if you’re finding that you’re not willing to do that it might be an indication that that person may not be right for you. Love isn’t “easy” like we’re told in movies/books etc. Relationships are hard work but work you’re willing to do for the right person – Carly, Receptionist

7) Believe in yourself – if it’s meant to be, it will be.  Sometimes things don’t workout but it’s not just you. – Phil, Project Manager

For more dating tips from Plenty of Fish experts, check out the video below:

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