No Drinks? No Problem! These Springtime Date Ideas Will Have You Saying “Who Needs Alcohol?”

As we hover in the period between winter gluttony and summer cocktails, many people feel that they need a break from alcohol in the early springtime, or are just simply tired of their dates revolving around dinner and drinks.

Lucky for us, the weather is getting warmer and the list of date options is becoming longer, making it easier to forgo the bar and be a little more creative with your date planning! Whether it’s a weekday evening or a weekend afternoon, try one of these 10 date ideas that skip the alcohol and get right into the spring spirit!

Visit a Drive-In Theatre

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Next time you’re thinking of seeing a movie, try doing it at a drive-in instead. Chances are, there’s a drive-in theatre nearby that you may not even know about. Especially if you have a truck and can cuddle up in the back with some blankets, this is the perfect activity for a spring evening.

Break Out Your BBQ

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If you live for BBQ season, you’ve been counting down the days until it’s acceptable to start grilling all your dinners again. Use the recent warmer weather as an excuse to uncover your precious grill and cook your date up a fantastic meal. Conversations over the BBQ are how I know summer is on its way!

Pack a Picnic

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Picnics are the perfect way to spend some time outside and make a really cute date out of it. Prep some of your favourite picnic classics together, throw in some cards or a game, grab a blanket, and you’re good to go. You can spend the afternoon or evening snacking, chatting, and playing games and can even stick around for the sunset.

Try a New Fitness Class

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As soon as the weather starts to look up, people usually get exercise on the brain. Workout classes are everywhere now, and you likely have a ton of great ones in your community. Picking one out and going as a couple is a great chance to get your workout in while spending time together. Go for smoothies after to celebrate your accomplishment!

Just Get Outside!

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Whether you go for a couples jog, do a bike tour around the city, or just stroll through your local park, take advantage of the sun while it’s out. We’re all in need of some serious Vitamin D coming out of winter, and nothing sparks a good mood and good conversation like fresh air and beautiful weather.

Learn to Play Tennis

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Tennis tends to get overlooked as an activity but it is actually a fantastic date! It’s relatively simple to learn and doesn’t cost much to get yourselves set up with some rackets. Even if you’re both terrible at it, it’s a lot of fun to get out there and try something new, plus you can visit your closest tennis court for free!

Peruse Your Local Farmers Market

Farmers markets are the ultimate place to wander with no real agenda. If you want to go somewhere different for your date but aren’t sure what there is to do, this is definitely worth a try. These markets are great for looking around and trying a few local delicacies without the pressure of a sit-down lunch.

Go Thrift Shopping/Antiquing

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While everyone else is spring cleaning, you and your date can be out taking advantage of the fruits of their labour. Spring is the best time to go thrift shopping or antiquing as you’ll likely find some hidden gems for next to nothing. Even if you don’t buy anything, looking through antique shops is always a fun experience.

Make a Summer Bucket List

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It’s inevitable that springtime has us daydreaming about summer. Though you might not be able to jump right into your summer activity wishlist justs yet, you can certainly plan what you want to do. Creating a summer bucket list together is a fun way to bond and plan for the future in a lighthearted way.

Plant a Garden

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If you’ve always wanted your own garden, now is the time to start! If you don’t have an actual garden plot to use, there are lots of herbs that can grow easily indoors provided you have a windowsill with lots of light. Pick out your favourite fresh herbs with your date, plant them, and watch your little plant babies grow! Once they start becoming fruitful, you can use your fresh herbs to cook a meal together.

There you have it! If you’re tired of the mundane ‘dinner and drinks’ date, are off alcohol, or simply just want to try something new, choose one of these dates instead and you’re sure to have a fantastic day.

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