13 Fun Things You Can Do Solo this Spring to Spark Joy in Your Life!

Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel struggles with the idea of taking herself out for dinner? Why was she so uncomfortable being alone?

The idea of taking yourself on a date is not such an eccentric concept afterall. Think of it as “treating yourself” instead. You get to explore what is around you, based on the kinds of interests you have and at your own time and pace. There are so many things to enjoy solo!

If your inspiration is at a stand-still, check out these activities below that you can easily explore on your own!

Road trip it

Hop in your car and go exploring! Many think you have to get on a plane and travel far and wide to get a good vacation in, but a lot of the time, there is beauty in your very own backyard.  Sometimes we just fail to see it. You can choose to do a day trip to a nearby town or go further out and take a full weekend to sightsee and do what the locals do!

Find your specialty

Foodie tours:  Yum! There are a few different types of foodie tours: a walking tour of a specific neighbourhood or of a specialty food and culture (Italian food anyone?). Yelp is a great restaurant review app where you can find locals in your area to dine with! They also host events every month where you can build your foodie social network over delicious drinks and bites.

Coffee tours:  Yes! They do exist. If you have already hit the wine tour circuit, why not a coffee tour? The coffee connoisseur in you will be very thankful.

Historic or heritage tours: Who doesn’t love a good history lesson?! Most of these tours are walking tours to explore the history and architecture in a given area. Often hosted by someone who is a complete history buff, so you’ll walk away with some pretty cool facts you can impress your friends with.

Haunted tours: Ghost chasers unite! Usually this are hosted in Sept/Oct for the Halloween season, but some cities and towns have all year tours of haunted sites. It’s guaranteed to be pretty spooktacular.

Art Gallery tour: It’s all in the eyes of the beholder! Art galleries are fascinating places to see and learn about different cultures. How exciting is it to explore all the many types of mediums: from paintings, sculptures, photographs, mixed media and more!

Connect with yourself

Yoga & Tai chi in the park: Now that the Spring is here, why not enjoy the sunshine and connect with your body! Being out in nature helps you find your zen and energizes your spirit.

Charity runs & walks: What a great way to meet new people and support local causes! Charity walks always have other activities during the day around the event to enjoy and partake in. Some groups even allow you to bring you four-legged companions.

Sports clubs: Sharpen your skills or learn something new! There are a wide variety of sports clubs that can help you acquire a new skill or hone in the ones you have.  Be bold and try a more unique club such as fencing, sword fighting or archery — you never know what you are secretly good at until you try it!

There are also drop in sports groups at your local rec centre. No commitment to these ones makes it easy for you to go when it fits your schedule.

Connect with your imagination

Book club: Explore different stories from around the world! If you have a particular genre or author, there is always a group to join or you can start your own club.

Live action role play (aka larping): There’s magic and mystery in the air! Bring out your creativity by being a live action character complete with costume. Players have goals to achieve while interacting with other players in real world settings. There is no limit beyond imagination.

Movie festivals or indie films: Explore film culture!  Feast on popcorn and escape into the cinematic experience.  From documentaries to animation, film festivals tend to have it all!

Be an artist: Do you ever see people out and about with a camera taking photos or someone painting a picture in the park? That can be you! Mother nature is the ultimate muse. Whether you are writing a book, sketching in a notepad or dabbling with a new song, there is no better inspiration than the great outdoors.

Taking ourselves on a date should be a normal activity we do to treat ourselves. Whether it’s exploring the world around us, our body and spirit connection or expanding our imagination;  self dates are inspirational and energizing!

Posted by Desiree Schulz

Desiree is a POF staff member who loves hearing success stories through our app/website. When she is not at work, she is usually writing, bingeing sci fi shows or knocking things off her bucket list.

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  1. Beautiful Blog! I love how it promotes ‘treating ourselves’ and still being adventurous without a partner! Thank you.

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