Christmas Gifts For Him (That Are Also For You…)

It can be hard to come up with the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. You want it to be thoughtful, but practical, and you want him to really love it.

Sometimes though, you might also have a hidden agenda…

I tend to use gift giving to make a project out of my male partner. I take the opportunity to get him something that I think will help him to grow in the mature man I want him to know he can be. I’ve done this many times, (and I’m sure I’m not the only one…). Buying him a grown up wallet to replace that Velcro one he’s been toting around since high school? Been there. Getting him a subscription to The Economist instead of Snowboarder Monthly so he can start reading “serious” things. Done that.

Of course, we mean well, but in our effort to nudge our boyfriends into reaching their full potential, or at least own a decent pair of pants, we can sometimes get a bit carried away. The countless boards that come up in a Pinterest search for “good boyfriend gifts” is proof of this. Evidently we all imagine our partners living in a beautiful world of distressed leather messenger bags, writing on custom stationery, and sipping perfectly crafted bourbon cocktails. But I mean, how many monogrammed vintage shaving brushes can one man get before he goes insane?

Sure, you could take the easy route, too. Most men would love to unwrap a video game or gadget during the holidays and happily spend the next several hours (days… years…) glued to their new screen, but I think there can be a better balance. There are gifts out there that he will love to get, and you will love to give.

Tickets: Whether it’s just buying him passes to a movie, tickets to a concert, or going all out and getting him seats at his team’s next home game, he’ll love a gift where he gets to go out and do something. Bonus – you get to be his plus one!

A great book: If your guy is a reader, get him a book you know he’ll love. Something he can relax with over an eggnog during his holiday time off. Maybe the latest installment in a series you’ve both become obsessed with? The plus side is that you get to read it when he’s finished! Funny how that worked out…

An iPad:  Been looking for an excuse to purchase that big ticket electronics item? Well look no further. Getting “Us” an iPad is a great way to hit that gadget gift sweet spot and also buy something that you’ll be excited to use too. Sorry PS4 – maybe next year.

Kitchen tools:  If your guy’s a chef (or wants to be), buy him a tool that will get him cooking. If he loves to barbecue for example, get him an indoor grill that he can use even in the winter. The upside for you? Having delicious dinners made for you on the regular, duh.

A beard trimmer: Okay, this one might be falling back into the not-so-subtle, boyfriend-as-project zone, but hey, guys need to take care of their facial hair. The obvious perks for you include not being able to taste what he had for lunch when you go in for a kiss and not having your grandma ask why you’re dating a homeless man. We think it’s a win/win.

Happy holidays and merry gift-giving, everyone!

Danica Altin

Posted by Danica Altin

Danica is an intrepid graphic designer at POF. She's into exploring, eating, and shoe shopping (usually in that order) and has an incurable case of FOMO. She's always planning her next adventure, and has been just saying YES since 2013.

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