5 Love Lessons You Can Learn From Your Pet

Ever feel like humans just don’t cut it when it comes to solid dating and relationship advice? Well singles, it may be time to look to man’s best friend for answers. Below are the 5 love lessons you can learn from your pet:

Sometimes no words are needed

Pets are experts when it comes down to sensing energy. They know right away when you had a tough day. You will open the doors to your home and your pet will come greet you in joy and transfer some of that awesome vibrant energy to you… Sometimes that will cheers us up immediately, and sometimes we are so bummed out, that all you wanna do is just sit on your couch and cry… That’s when your pet will sit next to you and support you silently. Take advantage of that, hug your pet tight and cry away!
Who hasn’t been in that situation, when a loved one is super sad and negative and you can’t think of anything to say? No words are needed sometimes… All you have to do is give your support though energy and body warmth. A tight silent hug can do wonders…

Let go of those grudges

Have you noticed how dogs don’t hold grudges (cannot say the same about our feline fellows, they can be real Dbags sometimes, planning revenge on us when they get mad… I love cats, but those guys can be tricky to handle). It is an unnecessary burden, learn your lesson, get mad for a few hours, and move on!

Petting!? That’s right! I did say petting!

Our beloved pets needs are so simple… What makes them happy, you may ask? I’ll tell you what: The little pleasures in life, such as food, shelter, exercise and affection. Petting is a way of showing love. Pet your friends and loved ones with a shoulder rub, a quick stress relieve head massage (I swear by them)… That focused touch with the intention of making them feel better, will take your buddy/loved one’s stress away and you can enjoy each others company and have a great time!

Exercise! Play! Get outside!

Just ditch all the stress and worries and go have a fun session of playing! Have you watched how much fun dogs have playing fetch? Or how much kitties love to stand up and play around with anything that dangles? So many fun things to do, here are some examples: play Frisbee be, play anything with a ball, dance is always fun… The main thing is to have fun moving your body! Go for a hike and get in touch with Nature, it makes you feel rejuvenated…

Enjoy the present!

That is a very important one! We humans sometimes get so caught up planning the future that we can forget about the NOW. About this very instant… Have you noticed how pets live the moment, they do not worry about the past or the future. While it is important to plan for the future, it as just as important to enjoy the present moment.
Those are some of the love lessons I’ve learned from pets… Be more simple, worry less, play more and share your Love! Makes life much more enjoyable… Give it a try if you haven’t done so yet!

Paula Rosenthal

Posted by Paula Rosenthal

Paula is a translator for books, apps, websites & novels. She has a plethora of passions, curiosities, and interests from riding horses and milking cows at her farm in south Brazil, to cooking for friends and potentially jumping out of a plane or boat just for thrills. Her free spirit is running wild in search of the endless possibilities life has to offer.

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