6 Ways to Be Your Best Self On A First Date

Let’s face it, dating can be super stressful, especially if you’re just getting back into the game. But even with all those first date jitters, it’s important that you bring out your best self. Here are 6 ways to help you be the best version of yourself when on a first date.

Wear What Makes You Feel Comfortable

No matter what activity you have planned for your date, it’s important that you feel comfortable — comfort is the key to confidence. And I don’t just mean your outfit, either; feeling comfortable is about choosing the right undergarments as well. It’s very hard to feel confident and relaxed if you’re worried about your bra being too tight or not being able to hold you in, for instance. Thankfully, there’s a new age of bra innovation built upon what women really need. Add this to your list of first date hacks. True & Co., have used the data from millions of women to create incredibly comfortable bras that come in all sizes and shades to help you feel confident no matter what a first date might throw at you.

If you’re like me, nerves trigger some major perspiration, which is another big confidence killer. When you’ve got your top half covered, consider investing in some moisture-wicking materials for even more peace of mind.

Have a Fun Date Planned

While being able to carry on a conversation with your date is imperative to getting to know them, the first date doesn’t always have to take place at a table. Planning a fun activity will give you two plenty to talk about, and it can provide great insight into what kind of activity you two like to do in your spare time. Doing something unique may even help loosen you up and bring out more of your personality. For more first date ideas, don’t be afraid to ask them beforehand about things they like to do.

Be Authentic

This goes without saying, but it will be next to impossible to know if you’re forming a real connection with your date if you’re not actually being yourself. Don’t feel obligated to agree with everything your date says. You don’t have to get into a full-blown argument if you disagree on something but staying true to your real opinions and values will help both of you know whether or not you’re compatible with one another.

Be Open

Being authentic also means staying open to the possibility that your first date might not be a match, and that’s okay. The expression, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince” exists for a reason. Don’t get disheartened if you feel like you’re not hitting it off right away. Just continue to be open to the possibility that your next date might have potential for something more.

Don’t Worry About What You Order

Fun fact: Across all age groups, one of the most popular ideas for a first date is to get dinner. We’re all familiar with those articles on the best and worst things to eat on a first date. Spaghetti usually ranks in the top worst, while meats like chicken and/or steak are best since you can cut them into bite-sized pieces. Try not to worry too much about getting something on your face. It’s your time and you should spend it enjoying something you actually want to eat and enjoy.  

Keep It Positive

Let’s be real — nobody wants to be on a date with a Negative Nancy! This isn’t only regarding first date conversation, but your mindset as well. Leave all your past relationships behind you along with any self-doubt. Be kind to yourself and recite some positive affirmations beforehand. This will instill self-confidence and remind you of all of your amazing qualities!

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Emily is a content creator from the bay area focused on female empowerment and self-love. When’s she’s not behind her keyboard, she loves to spend her free time hiking with her dogs and watching reruns of The Office.

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