The Best and Worst Emojis to Get Replies on Your Dating App

It’s time to get on board with the use of emojis in conversations, if you aren’t already. They’ve officially taken the dating world by storm! And, as we know too well, with great power comes great responsibility. A beneficial tool when used well, a simple emoji can easily help or hinder your chances with someone you are chatting to.


In the 2018 Conversation Nation study where Plenty of Fish surveyed 2000 single Americans, it was found that not all emojis are created equal. There are some that are most likely to get you a reply, and some that will definitely have you being left on read. Not only are emojis being used as an accurate depiction of what a person might be feeling in a specific moment, they have become key tools in flirtation.

Singles say the three emojis that are least likely to get you a reply are the eggplant (75%), the peach (49%) and the fire (32%) emojis. Unless you’re talking about what you’re growing in your garden, there really isn’t a need for eggplants to make an appearance in your convo. Emojis that are typically attached to sexual connotations do not bode well in dating conversations. Avoid these in flirty convo to keep from killing it all together.

However the three emojis that are most likely to get you replies, helping your flirting game when used well are the winking face (55%), blowing a kiss face (43%) and the heart eyes (41%) emojis. These three emojis work because they are subtle and sweet. Cute is king!

When in doubt, if you don’t know what the emoji means, just don’t use it. 

Danica Bansie

Posted by Danica Bansie

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