Why You Should Never Ignore Friendships When Dating Someone New

The first few months of a new relationship are so exciting; your heart is racing, you’re texting non-stop with your new beau and life doesn’t seem to exist outside of your relationship. It’s so easy to get caught up in the romance, but you should never let plans with your friends slip through the cracks. You do still have a life outside your partner and it’s important to never lose sight of that.

So if you feel like you may have been cancelling plans on your besties recently because your new crush took precedence, take a pause and think about the last time you went out with your friends solo.

These are my top reasons why you should never go MIA on your friend group when dating someone new:

Friends are a great support network

Friends are your squad, they can hype up your confidence and can help pep you up before any date night when your nerves may be at an all time high. Even if you have a date planned for the evening, why not invite one or two of your friends over prior to the date for a glass of vino and chit chat.

Friends can provide sound advice

Ever start a new relationship and need weigh in from your friends? “Why did he say that?” or “what does she mean by this?” ← sound familiar? Friends can be an awesome soundboard, they can be great listeners and offer some of the best advice because they’ll provide an outsider’s perspective that can be very necessary at times.

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Friends aren’t going anywhere

A trend that you may find yourself getting into is cancelling plans or flaking out on friend dates because you’d rather spend your time getting to know this new person in your life. Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship doesn’t pan out and you’re in serious need of your buddies. If you’ve just ignored them for the past four months, you’ll be feeling a little bit foolish. Remember, your new beau can be quite temporary but friends who love you, aren’t going anywhere.

A life outside of your relationship is necessary

Independence is liberating and can be a huge confidence builder. What were you doing prior to meeting your partner; were you focused on creative writing, taking a gym class or going to a weekly meet-up around a topic you were passionate about? Seek out those activities you love and make time for them. You will meet like-minded people and have another focus outside of your relationship. You will also notice you’ll have new and fresh topics to talk about with your significant other because you’ve had some time apart just doing your own thing and enjoying some much needed solo time and character building.

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