Single and Looking for Adventure? 7 Tips for Living a Happier and More Fulfilled Life

Many people sometimes feel as though they may be missing out in life, if they haven’t found “The One” yet; but this shouldn’t be the case. You need to view not having a partner or a family yet as a path to reaching personal goals and making yourself happy first. I have compiled a few tips that every single person should consider to help lead a fulfilling and exciting life.

Exercise is Good for the Soul 

When you have spare time in the evenings or weekends, try tapping into your inner exercise guru. Exercise is good for the body and mind and has been noted to help your attitude when getting over a relationship. You can buy a bike or start running, which can help you stay healthy or perhaps become a hobby which is right for you. You are in the best position to become a fitness fanatic, so make the most of it and join a cycling club or local gym where you will meet new people and can take care of your body all while having fun. You just may find that you really enjoy it!

Buy or Renovate a Property 

Being a singleton does not mean you have to put your life on hold when buying property – you can get a mortgage, and the best part is you have plenty of time to do with the property as you wish. Look into buying a fixer upper home that you can make you own or you can try your hand at restoring a traditional home using many of the features you will find inside already. Use as many of the original plans as possible while still making it a modern, functioning home that you can live in happily. This is not just good for keeping your mind occupied; it could also turn into a money-making venture that you can sell on and start again. 

Travel Abroad

Having no commitments when you take annual leave means you have the freedom and the budget to go on the types of holidays you always dreamed about. You are not restricted to the protocol of traveling with a partner. If you always wanted to trek the Himalayas, you could without any partner or children to consider when undertaking such a feat. There are fantastic holidays available for the adventurous type, whether that is sailing, trekking, or discovering some of the coolest parts of the world. Think of somewhere you have wanted to travel but never been able to, and set the goal and put your plan into action. You can tour and explore the world in a group tour or go off on a solo journey, either one could bring you happiness and give you a different perspective on life in general.

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Find a New Passion

Trying something new that you probably haven’t thought of previously. Maybe the key to unlocking a unique side you never knew you had. Perhaps investigate a painting course or look into taking a stand-up comedy open mic night. Have a look at local organizations and try something new until you find something that suits your style and gives you joy. Many of us don’t discover our passion until later in life, but you can start finding yours today. You may not discover your true passion in the first try, so keep trying different things and be open to new ideas, there may be one that sparks the right kind of flame inside you.

Get into Cooking

Being single doesn’t mean you are stuck eating frozen meals for one, this can be your time to discover dishes you enjoy and learn how to cook them. There are tons of cookery courses run all over the country, so pick one and become Julia Child. If you tend to eat spicy food, try finding a Thai or Indian cooking course that lets you learn at your own pace. If you are more traditional and like your meat and two vegetables look into how to prepare meat, tenderize it and cook it. You can learn how to make sauces to spice up even the dullest of meals, and this not will not only keep you busy but help give you a more balanced diet and keep you healthy at the same time. You can try different cooking styles and make them for friends and family to see how good you have become. 

Volunteer for Charity

One of the things that modern family life deprives us of, is time. Being single you may find yourself with more time, so why not give volunteering a try. Most local charities are always searching for people to help, whether that is helping children at sports, taking care of the less fortunate or travelling to care homes to play games. It not only gives you a sense of purpose but also provides services to those who need it most. If you a career-minded individual, it also looks great to have volunteered on your resume when you look to get a promotion or find a new job.

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Stay Close to Friends and Family

Human beings are built to be social and have strong family bonds. Never cut yourself off from family and friends as these are the people who care about you most and who make you happiest. Put the extra effort into visiting parents, brothers, sisters, and friends to keep an excellent social network. If you live far from them just pick up the phone rather than sending an email or text, staying close to those you love will always be beneficial, and you may regret it if you don’t as you get older. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends if they know any single people they think could be well suited for you.

Try a few, or all the tips above to start having a more fun fulfilled life! You are not constrained by the ideas above, so go out and plan your happy single life in whatever way you choose.

Sofia Lockhart

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