Birthday Gifts That Won’t Freak Out the Guy You Just Started Dating

Let’s be honest, shopping for guys is not easy. This is especially true when you have just started dating one and his birthday is coming up. How do you choose a gift that balances the stage in your relationship without getting overly romantic?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are several gifts your new fellow will receive with a smile on his face, instead of sweat on his forehead

For the Classy Monsieur

Every guy needs a quality wallet and this gift certainly doesn’t imply you’d like to move in and start your life together. If you want to add a nice personal touch to the wallet, you can choose to get it embossed with his initials on the front or back.

For the Lumberjack Outdoorsmen

Does your man spend hours in front of a mirror grooming his awesome beard? Then consider getting him a beard grooming kit that has all the essentials – oil, balm, beard wash and even a practical comb. You can find these useful kit sonline, and they come in a bunch of different sizes for small beards and big beards.

For the Business Traveller

In case the new man in your life is a jetsetter for work, give him a travel kit he will surely find useful. Instead of buying one, try making one yourself.

Fill the traveller kit with the following:

  • Portable phone charger. As you know in this day and age, we cannot live without our phones and it feels like the end of the world when our phone battery dies and we have no way to charge it.
  • Noise cancelling earbuds
  • An eye mask for the long flights

And lastly, complete your customized travel kit with hand sanitizer, travel toothbrush, breath freshener and dental floss and you are good to go!

For the Chef

If you are dating a guy who loves to cook, (you lucky girl!) but is always complaining about his roommates dulling the kitchen cutlery, consider getting him versatile knives. You can find quality ones with their own protective sheaths, which are very easy to clean and stay sharp for a long time. If on the other hand you want your present to be a little more personal, consider giving him a handmade gift such as a jar of barbeque rub you made yourself.  It is a simple yet tasty gift that will definitely make your guy happy and save you some money as well (shhhh!).

For the Adventurer

Get him a scratch-off travel map, so he will easily document all the places he has visited in a fun way. These maps also look amazing so he could even use it as art for his apartment walls. In addition, if he says you could use it as a couple and scratch off those places you visit together, you will know that he is here to stay.

For the Tech Geek

Men love their toys, no matter how old they are. This is why a drone is a perfect gift for any guy, just make sure yours really deserves it since it is not the cheapest present to buy. These days you can find drones equipped with an HD camera and even live-streaming capabilities, so I can guarantee your bae will have a lot of fun playing with it

For the Camper

If you are dating an outdoorsy guy, he will surely find a waterproof bag extremely useful. It is perfect for those bike rides home when it’s raining, hiking in the snow, and even kayak adventures. Not the most romantic of gifts but practical and this is what an outdoorsmen loves. Buy it in his favorite color and he will definitely use it.

For the Sports Fan

Is your guy a huge sports fan? If he is, buy two tickets and take him to see his favorite team play! Wear matching jerseys, drink beer, have hot dogs and create long-lasting memories together.

For Mr. Practical

Do you know what is so great about socks? Literally everyone needs them. However, don’t get your boyfriend just any kind, it is his birthday after all. Instead, buy him a set of several pairs with a knitted phrase of your choosing. Whether you decide to stick to a classic monogram with initials or go with something more romantic, this is the perfect gift that will remind him of you every time he wears it. If he has a pet, you can easily send a photo of the dog/cat to services online that will print the pet as a cartoon on your socks!

There are so many gift ideas you can choose from, but if your new guy truly likes you, he will be happy no matter what you get him.  

Posted by Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis is a father, writer, traveler and a fitness nut. His favorite quote: There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind. You can find him on Twitter @IanWLewis

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