Valentine’s Day: The PlentyOfFish WAY

This week was a whirlwind triple threat for PlentyOfFish.  Valentine’s Day, one of the biggest and most celebrated days in the online dating industry was upon us, which also happened to coincide with the PlentyOfFish anniversary exploding onto the scene 10 years ago. Most poignantly though, this week we announced the winners of PlentyOfFish’s $100,000 Wedding Contest: Andrea Ellis and Dave Mazur.


The Edmonton couple connected on PlentyOfFish in June 2011, and after some marathon phone conversations and getting to know each other, decided it was time to meet. 9 months later, they were engaged.  Its millions of love stories like Andrea and David’s that help put what we do here at PlentyOfFish in perspective.  They’re not a set of numbers or statistics; they’re a tangible reminder of the humanity that is at the core of this industry.

As the entire office exploded with a surprise “CONGRATULATIONS!” for the unsuspecting couple, the emotion of the moment was written across the faces of everyone in the room.  This contest was meant to remind our users that love is out there, to take chances, and to be hopeful – but in the end it was our users that ended up reminding us of a thing or two as well.

Cheers to Andrea and David, and to PlentyOfFish continually finding new ways to help bring people together, and  pursue and celebrate love!


PlentyOfFish’s $100,000 WEDDING CONTEST

Everybody can appreciate an epic love story. So today, we’re thrilled to announce The PlentyOfFish $100,000 Wedding Contest!

We’re inviting all engaged couples who met on PlentyOfFish to submit their love stories for a chance to win a grand prize of $100,000 to put towards a wedding, honeymoon, or starting a life together! Countless success stories already line the walls of our offices, but we decided it was time to celebrate all of the couples who decided to give love a chance and join PlentyOfFish!

All couples will be asked to submit 4 photos, the story of how they met and fell in love, and an explanation of why they deserve to win the grand prize. Submissions will be accepted between December 27, 2012 and January 14, 2013.The most unique, creative and original submissions will be entered into the first round of the contest where PlentyOfFish users will be asked to vote for their favorite couples. The couples who receive the most votes during Round 1 will advance to Round 2 of voting. The grand prize winner of the $100,000 cash prize will be rewarded to the couple who collects the most votes in Round 2.

This is a life-changing opportunity for some very special couples, and just so happens to be the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done…seems Christmas came a little late this year! We’re looking forward to reading some pretty amazing stories, so we have a tissue box on hand.

To start the submission process, please follow this link –

Cheers, we’re rooting for you!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. US (excl. NY and FL)/Canada (excl. Quebec) residents only. Void where prohibited; rules and restrictions apply, click here: