5 Things Every Girl Needs To Do After Getting Dumped

So, the unthinkable happened. You got dumped. Whether or not your ex was your best friend, a source of entertainment, or even just someone you kept around for kicks… the truth remains: Getting dumped sucks.

Before I divulge my 5 top tips on mending a broken heart, there’s one thing we cannot rid ourselves of: Breakups hurt. Even if it was a long, drawn-out end to a lengthy battle, or a completely unexpected end to a fulfilling relationship, nothing can prevent the pain.

Do not fret! As painful as a breakup can be, there is a silver lining in the cloud. Ending a long term relationship is the best time to re-discover how fabulous you really are.

1. Change Your Ringtone 

Your old, familiar ringtone will have you feeling sullen with every ring you hear. Switch it to something new and erase all the memories from your past love. Getting over a breakup is a lot easier without having to constantly race to your phone, thinking you-know-who is calling again.

2. Take A Break From Social Media

Resist the temptation to air your grievances via social media. Though it may feel good at the time, it’s better to keep your personal space devoted to the positive aspects of your life. Now is the time to unplug from the lives of everyone else and really focus on yourself. Plus, seeing all the photos of happy, lovey-dovey couples will only rub salt in the wound! It’s time to heal up and move on.

3. Grant Yourself One Miserable Weekend

  • Write letters to your ex that you’ll never send
  • Cry
  • Delete all their Facebook messages
  • Untag yourself from their pictures
  • Indulge yourself with your favourite bottle of wine/ice cream/take out
  • Call some friends with whom you can really pour your heart out
  • Go out on a Friday night and end up at a Karaoke bar with your closest friends & breakup songs queued up

The main purpose of the miserable weekend is to let every iota of sadness out.There is no use in pretending that the hurt doesn’t exist. Let yourself be sad! Remember the good times, cringe at the bad, but remember that you’re better off without them. It’s time to move on.

4. Hit the gym

If you’ve gained some weight from being a happy, couch-potato love bird, now is the perfect time to get back into shape. What better way to cure your lovesick blues than with the help of some endorphins? A toned and well-loved body always recovers faster from a breakup, and burning those calories to your favourite goodbye songs is a great way to sweat! Plus, who knows who you could meet?

5. Start something new

If there was ever a point in your life that you felt you didn’t have enough time to pursue something you really wanted, think again! The best way to deal with getting dumped is by becoming a stronger and improved you. Always wanted to check out a public speaking class? Sign up! Still interested in sky-diving (which your ex was abhorrently against)? Better get ready to strap up and jump out of that plane!

By signing up for something that you’ve always longed to do, you’re making a promise to yourself to become a better person. By becoming a better version of yourself, you’ll eventually be able to look back on your broken relationship and feel at peace. You may even thank your ex for giving you the push you needed to become the stronger person you will eventually become. But for now? Don’t kid yourself. It hurts.


Sideah Alladice

Posted by Sideah Alladice

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