Why He/She Isn’t Texting You Back Right Away

We live in a digital age now where everything is about social media, selfies and texting. While this may be true for some, not everyone has fully subscribed to the fast-paced lifestyle of the virtual world. Some people still look forward to an actual phone call versus a text message. Many people still favor the face-to-face meeting over Skype to establish personal and professional relationships. There are obvious reasons for why someone may be glued to their device, but what about those who aren’t attached to the instant method of communication?

To bring light to the topic, I’ve compiled a list of reasons a person might not be texting you back right away.

I’m Away From My Phone

Believe it or not, people do have lives outside of texting. Examples include: work, family, friends, sleep, and recreational activities, just to name a few. A cell phone is a source of communication, and sometimes a person intentionally disconnects from their phone and the rest of the world for something that’s commonly known as “Me Time”. In these moments, a person may not want to be reached and may not respond until they are mentally prepared to.

I’m In A Meeting

If you’re looking to connect on a personal level with someone during the workday, chances are you’re not going to get through. This may even be true for adults who aren’t working because they may be in the middle of an interview to change their employment status. For many, work takes priority over casual conversations that can wait till they get home from their 9-5. It is rude to respond to texts in the middle of a meeting or answer a call at your desk, so chances are the phone/ringer will be off and the person won’t be available to immediately respond.

I’d Prefer A Call

Sometimes a text conversation can linger far longer than it needs to and even be misconstrued or taken out of context. A simple phone call can help eliminate ambiguity, and shorten the amount of time, energy and focus on a particular topic that requires attention. To help the other recipient get the hint, holding back on responding to the text is often used as a strategy to prompt a phone call.

Simply Stated, I’m Not Interested

Sometimes no response is the response. Unfortunately sometimes “I’m sorry, I’m not interested” doesn’t always work. Ultimately, if you keep receiving an endless thread of messages to your mobile, you may just want to stop responding after-all. If you find yourself sending a barrage of texts and receiving no reply, it is best to take the hint and move on!

If you’re the sender or receiver, it’s best to use text messaging sparingly and use discretion at best. There’s nothing more valuable than a human connection, so feel free to exercise other forms of communication and occupy your time with other things while you wait.

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Cheyenne Bostock

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