4 Online Dating Photo No-nos

Alright ladies, having reviewed thousands of online dating profiles over the last 10+ years as an online dating expert, I thought that men were the worst culprits for having really bad online dating profile examples to choose from. I am sorry to say they’re not alone. I’ve been working more and more with women who have been finding it challenging to meet guys online who turn to me for some online profile make over advice. Once I look at their online dating profiles, it’s really obvious to me where the challenges come from; namely their online dating profile photo. Your online dating profile photo is the first thing you notice about someone. Men will make an instant judgment about you. You’re either going to turn them ON or OFF in about 3 seconds or less.

I’d like to point out and quickly elaborate on the worst online dating profile examples that constantly pop out at me when I’m on the site. Ladies, if you’re guilty of one or more of these examples; my advice to you is change it NOW – like right now. You only get one chance to make a first impression! Here are the Top 5 Worst Online Dating Profile Examples to use on your online dating profile.

1. Do you like my shades?

I just don’t get why both men and women post pictures of themselves in sunglasses. Are we supposed to be impressed with the style of your shades? Do you think you look cooler in sunglasses than without? Do you wear sunglasses 24/7 and even while you’re having dinner, or even worse sex? They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. Sunglasses hide your most prominent features! Your face is what men want to see, not your shades.POF.SHADES











2. Blurred Lines

It boggles my mind to see countless ladies posting blurry profile photos. Sometimes all you can see or make out is a silhouette of a person.  Men can’t even recognize any distinguished features. What’s up with that? Your online dating profile picture is meant to show you as you are in real life. Your photo should be clear, recent, up close (torso or face) without having to squint in front of a computer or cell phone to tell if he likes you or not. POF.BLURREDLINES









3. TMI Profile

I think some women confuse their online dating profile photo for their Instagram fitness account. You should know your platform and remember that you are on an online dating site and not your snap chat, IG or VINE account. Your online dating profile is meant to attract the type of man you’re looking for and it’s not meant to be the cover of a lingerie catalogue.  Hey, if your primary purpose of online dating is to hook up and to be viewed as easy pickings, then keep on showing men the goods. If this is not the impression you want to make, exercise some restraint and choose photos that are flattering and doesn’t suggest you’re on the site for alternative reasons.POF.TMI











4. Meet My Friend

I have never been a fan of singles who post a group shot or photo of them standing beside a friend as their MAIN profile picture! As with online marketers and successful business owners with a website will tell you, the less clicks your customer makes to get to the product or service, the better it is for them! Men want to see who YOU are and not necessarily who your friends are. The mistake you make of posting a photo with your friend or group of friends is that the person looking at your profile doesn’t instantly know if he likes YOU or your friend(s)! That’s awkward. Don’t have him guessing right off the bat and clicking onto your photo gallery. It gets annoying when he wants to choose YOU over a group of people.POF.GUESS.WHO









There you have it ladies! 4 common bad online dating profile examples you want to avoid when your on an online dating site. Having an amazing online dating profile photo is key to getting more interest and great results on an online dating site. We’d love to know what online dating profile examples you see from the men out there!

Carmelia Ray

Posted by Carmelia Ray

Carmelia Ray is an online dating and matchmaking expert with over 22 years of experience in the dating industry. She is a public speaker, author and an IDCA certified dating coach. She is also the CMO at Instant Chemistry, a bio tech company based in Toronto specializing in genetic matchmaking. Carmelia has personally interviewed over 60,000 singles and helped over 7,000 clients with their search to finding, meeting and keeping someone special. She is the author of the E-book, “Finding the One; A-Z Guide to Attracting and Keeping Your Soul Mate”

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  1. I definitely agree about the shades in profile photos, especially default photos. I see so many guys that hide behind shades or worst – both shades and hats. I tend not to reply to those guys, because I literally don’t know what they look like and if I have to exert that much effort to figure out, it’s not worth it.

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