It’s Time To Call It Quits on Your Toxic Relationships

We’ve all been there…that gloomy, stagnant, sometimes sad place inside our minds, where we feel irritated, unappreciated, and bored.

Here’s how to navigate and walk away from the different types of relationships in your life that are turning you off.

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The Crush

Because you’ve only been on a couple dates with a crush, this tends to be an easier relationship to let go of. You thought they were super cool the day you met,  but now you’re seeing more sides to them that you know aren’t quite right for you. They’re surprisingly negative and you’re the eternal optimist. If you’re witnessing the divide within the first couple days/weeks, set it straight with your crush and let them know you two are not going to work long term.  

The Family Member

I’m gonna share with you a tricky situation regarding a close family member that I experienced,  let’s call her Rosie. I absolutely love Rosie, however, she can be toxic sometimes with her relentless negative comments. She complains about everything, from the crickets chirping to the clouds being too white.  What I learned through dealing with Rosie, is each person/situation is peculiar, you must feel people out before quickly reacting. For instance, Rosie sometimes drains my energy to dangerously low levels when she rants for 2+ hours. I initially  tried to let her know it exhausts me, however, her feelings were extremely hurt by the fact I didn’t want to actively listen to her monologue of complaints. I decided a better way to approach this situation, is once a week I toughen up and actively hear her out and even chime in with my very own comments. I have accepted that part of her personality. It was important for me to find a way to remain close with Rosie because I truly love her and devised a plan to make it work!

The Long Term Partner

Has you or your partner changed significantly over time? Once they were the light of your life and now they exhaust you? Calling it quits on a partner is a very difficult thing to do. You may love this person dearly but you’re not in love with them anymore based on habits or personality traits they’ve picked up in the last couple years. With a partner, you should feel uplifted, happy, relaxed and comfortable. If you don’t feel this way currently, it’s important to communicate that with your partner and figure out whether to work on what’s missing or move on.  

The Career

What if your job is killing you softly? The thought of having to drag yourself into a job you dislike every single day isn’t healthy for you, nor is it productive. So what to do? You need to work but the doom and gloom every day is affecting your emotional state. Taking action is a vital ingredient to find your happy place; start seeking other alternatives. You will most likely be  happier making coffee for a few bucks less than being buried under a pile of projects you absolutely hate to even think about. Bottom line is, focus on doing what you like instead of complaining about what you don’t like. Something I always suggest is a creating a pro & con list, see if the good outweighs the bad.

This is how I have been living my life for the past 8 months – feeling vibes, creating lists & listening to my intuition instead of rationalizing everything and constantly overthinking – I can honestly say, top ten best decisions I ever made!

Paula Rosenthal

Posted by Paula Rosenthal

Paula is a translator for books, apps, websites & novels. She has a plethora of passions, curiosities, and interests from riding horses and milking cows at her farm in south Brazil, to cooking for friends and potentially jumping out of a plane or boat just for thrills. Her free spirit is running wild in search of the endless possibilities life has to offer.

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