Whoops! Have You Ever Broken One of These Golden Dating Rules?

Jordyn Woods made headlines this year when news broke that she and her best friend’s (Kylie Jenner) sister’s (Kloe Kardashian) partner, Tristan Thompson had “hooked up” (Yes, it’s confusing, I know). Miss Woods took the heat for this and has since lost her closest gal pal over it. Some would say, Jordyn broke “The Rules” when it comes to dating and friendships. But how written in stone are these rules and does anyone truly follow them?

  • Thou shall never flirt with a friend’s partner
  • Thou shall never date or hook up with a friend’s ex
  • Thou shall never date or hook up with a friend’s sibling

Are you guilty of breaking any of these unwritten rules?

Plenty of Fish recently surveyed over 1,500 singles and the responses reveal these rules are very real.

The survey results reveal the truth about “The Rules”:

1) The Rules are very real people: So real, in fact, nearly 8 in 10 singles always or often follow The Rules. Only 5% of singles said they rarely or never follow them.

2)  If you witness something, spill the beans!: Again, nearly 8 in 10 singles think you should tell a friend if you catch their partner cheating on them. There is certainly no easy way to bring this up to a bestie. Never speculate, just give the facts straight of what you saw, and if you have evidence, even better! Sometimes it can be hard for someone to digest this type of information at first but they will be thankful that you did in the long run.

3) Friend’s exes are a no go: 7 in 10 singles believe you should never date or hook up with a friend’s ex. However, these rules have declined in popularity overtime – when broken down by generation, boomers (78%) and Gen X (73%) are most against dating a friend’s ex, versus millennials (68%) and Gen Z (66%).

4) Men and women have a difference in opinion: Sixty-three percent of women strongly agree you should never hook up with a friend’s ex versus only 33% of men. Furthermore, only 33% of men think dating a friend’s ex is not the smartest move vs. 65% of women who said you should never date a friend’s ex.

5) Bless this mess: Before breaking the rule of dating a friend’s ex, 77% of singles say they would seek approval first. Friendship first!

6) May the odds be in your favour: What if you and your friend both like the same person? Who gets dibs? The majority of men (57%) said you should let the person of interest decide for themselves, while nearly the majority of women (40%) disagreed and said neither you or your friend should pursue them.

7) Your bro’s ex is off-limits: Dating your brother/sister’s ex is off limits, according to 79% of singles who say you should never date or hook up with a family member’s ex. Once again, men feel a bit more comfortable with this than women, with 66% of women saying you should never date a family member’s ex, versus only 38% of men.

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